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ONYX (2023 re-release)
Author: Adrian Clyde Submitted: 20th May, 2023 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 50

Edited By Joshtek on 20/05/2023

A 2023 re-release of my first ever game, with updated visuals, story and gameplay.

You are CHAD DANIELS a teenage boy living with his aunt in the projects of Trace Town. Coming down on hard times, his aunt enrolls him in a military program in Lezeer to help her cover the bills. Intimidated by its reputation as "death capital," Chad attempts to skip town for the night to dodge recruiters. In his closet, he comes across a child who panics and disappears in a show of light.

Discovering that his aunt has also disappeared and undead walking the streets, Chad realizes that despite looking the same, this world isn't the one he knows. Rescued by an angel who calls him the "Diamond," he becomes Allumia's only hope against the Onyx, a gem of reality-altering power pursued by a deranged ex-knight who'll stop at nothing to seize it. She can have it. All Chad wants is to return home. But with a slew of demons wanting him dead as much as they want the Onyx, this is one responsibility he can't run away from.

30+ hours of gameplay
11 playable characters
Dark, mature story

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Posted by Ambrion 27th May, 2023

An entire week later, Iím here. Havenít got the time to play this yet, so I canít give it a proper rating, though the screenshots look pretty sweet from the looks of it. Iím always interested in RPG tales (checks my Vivi Ornitier avatar), especially when they have so much more to them, so I want to see how much of the story is being told in the game itself. I will make a new comment once I get the gist of your game!





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