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Polls: Art style results and Click tool Q
News posted 17th September, 2023 by Joshtek  

We asked people what art style they prefer for indie games and the results are in:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than half of TDC's users voted for Pixel Art. A third voted for either abstract or cartoonish, which got joint second. Still, some people preferred Hand-Painted and Realistic which shows that there is an audience for everything!

In other news, I asked on the Kliktopia Discord what poll to go with next and Wacku suggested we ask what Click tool people started with, some I'm going with that. This poll was run back in 2018 so I'll compare the results with the historic one to see how things have shifted.

Feel free to share in your comments your story of how you started Clicking!

Posted by Joshtek 17th September, 2023

I started out with The Games Factory when I was nine back in 1997 after having been introduced to it by a friend who showed me his own games before working with me to help me make one of my own. I ended up getting every future Click tool from the original IMSI release of MMF onwards, but I also got K&P back in the 90's to check out what it was like and play all the demo games.
Posted by Jack or John 17th September, 2023

I remember wanting to make a game without coding, then I discovered clickteam free version and made a really bad game. A few months later, I thought giving the engine another go wouldn't hurt and made a game starring Gavin. I bought the 2.5+ last November during a sale, and now I'm here today.
Posted by BigAl0104 18th September, 2023

It was thanks to Scott Cawthon that I started clicking back in 2017. Back then, my artistic and programming skills were absolute crap, but over the years, I've gotten better. I'm still not perfect, but I think I've improved a lot.


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