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New (or old!) Game: GemTrix
News posted 11th October, 2023 by The Chris Street  
Back in 2004, an interminably long time ago now, a puzzle game called GemTrix was released and sold on eBay alongside some other unfinished projects as part of a compilation CD created by Cobra Blade.

Sadly the CD didn't really sell, but Cobra Blade has now opted to rerelease the puzzler for free, bringing a slice of nostalgia to us all :)

Comments from the Author:
"A Tetromino game I created way back in 2004 using The Games Factory Pro. I often cite it as unreleased, but in reality, 3 people did buy my AnimeVamp CDs I sold on eBay back in the day which included this game along with other projects and demos I was working on at the time. Rather than let it vanish completely... here it is!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

Posted by Joshtek 12th October, 2023

I have entered the GemTrix, and now there is no turning back
Posted by BigAl0104 13th October, 2023

This is pretty cool! I will check this game out. Also that name GemTrix kinda reminds me of Wetrix on N64.


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