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New game: Squary the Squarer in Snow Square
News posted 20th December, 2023 by Joshtek  

'Tis the season for festive games, and I've spent some of my time playing the latest such contribution which is Squary the Squarer in Snow Square by CoolPatilloGuy.

Comments from the Author:
"Hello there, it's my first time uploading a FULL game that isn't a FNaF fangame so pretty nice lol.

While it is not my first game with a Clickteam program, it is quite better than my other projects although this was a pretty fast game because I used another game of mine as the base for this one. The character from this game was created back in 2021 as a test character so that's why he is a basic square and not anything else.

This game features three languages: English, Spanish and French, although with the french translation I had to use a translator, with the english one it was just with my failed gringoindio level so there will be some spelling mistakes, the spanish, however, is my native language so it wasn't that hard although I had some creative freedoms with the languages so there will be differences between them... That's it, enjoy!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

New Christmas video from Piece of Pie Software

Piece of Pie has covered a number of Christmas Click games, including a 2021 Compilation and a 2022 Compilation.

Well, now Drakiah is back with a 'Elf: Very Merry XMAS Special' gameplay video.

The Christmas Click games featred in these vidoes are available from Kliktopia's Christmas Games page.

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