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Squary the Squarer in Snow Square
Author: CoolPatilloGuy Submitted: 17th December, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 56

Edited By Joshtek on 26/02/2024

Edited By CoolPatilloGuy on 20/12/2023

Edited By CoolPatilloGuy on 17/12/2023

Hello there, it's my first time uploading a FULL game that isn't a FNaF fangame so pretty nice lol.
While it is not my first game with a Clickteam program, it is quite better than my other projects although this was a pretty fast game because I used another game of mine as the base for this one. The character from this game was created back in 2021 as a test character so that's why he is a basic square and not anything else.
This game features three languages: English, Spanish and French, although with the french translation I had to use a translator, with the english one it was just with my failed gringoindio level so there will be some spelling mistakes, the spanish, however, is my native language so it wasn't that hard although I had some creative freedoms with the languages so there will be differences between them.
I know I know I finished this game too early but well you know what they say, sooner than never, it has flaws but that's because I haven't mastered my platformer skills though. I made all the game except for its music as I suck to make original compositions so I had to use music for those generic videos, an old flash game I used to play and even from Hotel Mario.
Just one thing, if you're going to play with a gamepad (because of course you can) I recommend Retrobit's Sega Genesis 6 button variant Controller as this game for the selection needs button 10 and that one button is the START button, no idea if the game works different with the 8 button variant as the button assignation might be different.
That's it, enjoy!
UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 20TH: I forgot this isn't my first non-FNaF game as I previously made some before releasing the first FNaF "fan-made" game back in 2018 while with this year the other full game was "Sestor the Ripoff" but that's way worse as it was made in a week so this is the "good" game from this year.

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Posted by Jack or John 18th December, 2023
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This game definitely has a good amount of potential, but some choices have set it back quite a bit, if i'm being honest. The first level is good, I don't have any problems with it. The second level gets annoying at certain parts due to the wind, like when you have to jump bottomless pits. The scrolling in the 3rd level feels too fast, mainly at the start. The 4th is really bad; it's just guessing and hoping you got the right answer(The clickteam alien is funny though). I couldn't get past the 5th level because I ran out of lives, but from what I've played, it's pretty good. Speaking of lives, their inclusion feels pointless since you can select how many you'd want; plus they just make playing the levels more irritating. Mapping the run and shoot button together is an odd choice, but I got used to it pretty quickly. A good game is definitely at its core, but the weird gimmicks and lives cover it up unfortunately.
Posted by CoolPatilloGuy 18th December, 2023

Good morning.
For the case of the level gimmicks I made them to be different so it wouldn't be that boring but seems like I failed lol.
About the lives the reasons why there is an option to change lives is becasue from nowhere I wanted to put an option thing on the game but didn't know what to put so the options weren't like 2 besides of the languagues so had to improvise. The button 2 mapping however is made like that because I wanted like a mapping similiar like the 2D Mario games.
To be frank I also had some problems while testing this game (except for the quiz level) like the 2nd level, a bit of the third level, the fifth level and MOSTLY the final boss.
I thank you this review, while I don't know if I have to remove or change things this is what a junior developer needs and well hope you get enough time to enjoy more this despite its flaws which btw sorry for these.
Posted by Juan Pereyra 19th December, 2023

Hey, good game. I'll review this later
Posted by Martin Frank 19th December, 2023
Rated :

better than my games
Posted by Joshtek 20th December, 2023

Great work for a first non-FNAF game. You have a lot of nice ideas. The art style was fun and it's good to see a new wintery game. I generally like how the different levels have different feel to them.

Areas for improvement (menu): Keyboard controls were not clear, and it simply saying "Button 2: Input" on options menu did not make it clear enough that I had to press X to increase the starting health. It was also unclear what 'context' meant. I'm not sure why lives and tries can't be set to infinite.

Areas for improvement (game): The controls were a bit awkward, and combined with a limited number of lives and a lack of checkpoints meant I ended up too often feeling like my deaths were unfair and I had to replay the same early game content for the Nth time.
Posted by CoolPatilloGuy 20th December, 2023

Hey Joshtek
Glad you had fun with this, now concerning about the improvement areas:
1. The reason why the keyboard keys aren't that clear was because I was testing with a controller and I thought it wasn't necessary to mention what key, but it is the second time someone mentions me the same issue although the keys are specified on the page. "CONTEXT" is actually if the player wants to see the cutscenes or simply jump to the action, I chose that term to be different.
2. I know the jump is terrible, no matter how you press the input key the character will jump too high as this was borrowed from another Squary the Squarer game, the lack of checkpoints in level 1 to level 3 was because they're pretty short if you're good enough (as a matter of fact all the levels excluding the fourth and the boss have the same size) so that's why. By the way, did you try to set the lives to a higher level after dying? You could've done that but okay.
That's it, if you have something else to say then go ahead!





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