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Poll: What's your favourite Klik & Play demo game?
News posted 16th February, 2024 by Joshtek  

We had 50 responses to our poll on when people started Clicking. 3 respondents have not started Clicking yet. Amongst the others, 34% started with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, 30% started with Klik & Play, 26% with The Games Factory or Click & Create, one person started with Multimedia Fusion 1.x, and nobody started with The Games Factory 2. Thanks to everyone who took part! While the numbers different, the raknings are similar to an equivalent poll from 2018 where 39% of our Clickers started with Fusion 2.5 and 34% with Klik & Play.

Sticking with this Click era theme, I'll be starting the first of a new series of polls asking for your favourite Click demo games. This first batch is focussed on those that were bundled with Klik & Play. If you haven't checked them out then see Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection where they have all been bundled together along with a version of my guide to running old Klik games on Windows 10/11.

Posted by The MPP 16th February, 2024

Oh man, you're making me choose between Gracillis V, Hungry Hedgehogs, Romeo and Toyland?! Cruel! That's like asking me to pick a favorite child.
Posted by Joshtek 16th February, 2024

The MPP: Yeah, it is tough as there are so many iconic K&P demo games that are all so different. On the plus side, that is part of what made the Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam so fun!
Comment edited by Joshtek on 16/02/2024
Posted by BigAl0104 17th February, 2024

If only Magic Maths was here, I would've actually picked that one.
Posted by Joshtek 17th February, 2024

BigAl0104: I'll be doing C&C games in due course, so you'll have your chance to Magic Maths by Merlyn Lear in a future poll .
Posted by BigAl0104 17th February, 2024

Oh, I had no idea Magic Maths was made in C&C
Posted by Rikus 20th February, 2024

Romeo, Gracillis and Racing Line
Posted by BigAl0104 20th February, 2024

Hello there, Rikus!


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