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New Game: Super Retro Kid (DEMO RELEASE)
News posted 6th April, 2024 by Joshtek  

CoolPatilloGuy, who you might know from Squary the Squarer in Snow Square has now brought us: Super Retro Kid (DEMO RELEASE). Have fun playing this platformer, just don't blame me if the music gets stuck in your head!


Comments from the Author: "Some Super Mario clone featuring an old character I used to use back when I was a kid, it's quite quirky so I apologize SPECIALLY with some of the levels from the second zone (but in case you get stuck or in doubt, check out the INFORMATION DEMO.txt file!).  Yeah I know it is awful to use the Hotel Mario music for this, but hey at least not only I stole the music but also the gimmick for the second zone!!! (and so, FOR THE REST OF ZONES HAHAHAHA!!!! except for the fifth one)
Enjoy how bad this game is!! Although in case of criticism please be respectful, thank you. As it is a Super Mario clone it plays the same as a 2D Mario game."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

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