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New: re15ster chat and Stage Tower 2
News posted 22nd April, 2024 by Joshtek  

We've got two entries from re15ster.

re15ster chat

Acccording to the author: "it's online chat game. (Lacewing Relay Client)".

I checked it out and confirm that it does have chat functionality. Not sure how it is a game, though.

Click here to download the application and read its comments

Stage Tower 2

According to the author: "A short very difficult platformer game. You must pass 10 stages."

You'll definitely need to using your double jump for this game!

Click here to download the application and read its comments

In other Click news

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  • Help ArticunoX decide on a name for their game
  • Check out even more games added to Kliktopia, including Dungeon Dash (inc. source) by Assault Andy and Jess Bowers
  • The commercial Click platformer game YARG is part of the Palestian relief bundle on YARG is: "a platformer where a kind and friendly AI cheers you on through extremely difficult tests designed to test the limits of human determination and patience. It believes in you! Don't fail it!"
  • Commercial lick game Gunlocked has some new DLC on Steam called 'The 2nd Gunning'. Gunlocked is: "A twin stick shooter without the twin stick, Gunlocked is a sci-fi action roguelike about careful positioning and upgrade selection. Manage unique targeting systems across multiple weapons and upgrades, as you battle legions of alien ships, and then do it all over again!
  • Click game Boons & Burdens has had some updates on Steam too
  • Clickteam will be publishing 'Lone Fungus' on Epic Games on May 3rd. It is: "A handcrafted open-world platformer set in a world built by Mushrooms! Explore different locations filled with secrets, acquire new abilities and use those abilities to reach new places!
  • parker8ball has been posting Clickteam Fusion 2.5 development streams to twitch and YouTube

Oh, and don't forget to vote in the poll 'What is your favourite Click & Create / Multimedia Fusion demo game? (see right)

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