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New Magazine: Klik Universe #1
News posted 23rd August, 2002 by Rikus  

Klik Universe is another klik magazine but this one you can print out and enjoy off-line. Its actually really good and a lot of time must have went into this. The magazine is worth the large download so check it out. Comments from the Author It is here! The first-ever KLIK UNIVERSE is fresh off the presses and ready for you to download for your kliking pleasure! In case you don't know, Klik Universe is an online/offline magazine packed with information about everything klik. From reviews, to previews, from news to comics, it has everything! And the design of the magazine is sleek and professional, aiming for the look and content of Electronic Gaming Magazine, with the style and humor of MAXIM!
e! Click here to download the magazine and read its reviews

Posted by Kevin Smets 23rd August, 2002

Hi all, glad everyone's enjoying the magazine! It makes all the hard work worth it. Okay, I'm posting this in all the discussions for Klik-U because I think if someone's game is covered in the mag, they have a right to know! Here's the official full breakdown of what's covered in Klik Universe No.1: REVIEWS: Eternal Daughter, Gravitorb 2, Bananarama RANTZ & REVIEWS Peetoo's Revenge, That Night Before, Brainless, Cerberus, Evasion Extreme PREVIEWS Future Fantasy SE, Super Puzzle Shaft 2, Zombies Now, Jerry Curl Jamal 5 RETRO-VIEWS Quest of the Monk, Game Creator (yes! and it's for K&P too!) NEWS Peanut the Penguin, Gravitorb 1 & 2, Entertainment Park, Click Basket, Chang the Kung Fu Duck, Factor X, Romeo :) and Clickzine, Daily Click, Cafelite, and Click Cafe SPECIAL FEATURE History of the AOL Klik Community KLIK KOMIX Featuring klik characters WATKINS, KEVIN HEART, MR.BALL, RETARDED GOAT, and KLIK ART This is not counting the numerous game references, secret codes, top 10s, etc, etc. Hopefully this might help the on-the-fence downloader! :) Kev
Posted by Kevin Smets 24th August, 2002

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Posted by Kevin Smets 24th August, 2002

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Posted by Krux6 30th August, 2002

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