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News posted 1st January, 2002 by Rikus  
Surprise!!!! Welcome to the new Daily Click. Wow what a change. chris has been working for the past month on this new version and i must say he did a pretty good job. So what has changed? Follow me: * From now on you will be able to upload your own games to the server. In the time when i was making games i always found it way to hard to find a reliable server where i could upload my games to. Well i am glad to say that starting today you all have a great server to upload your games to. This is what you get when you become a member of the daily click: * You get unlimited space * Unlimited Data transfer * Very Speedy Server * Making your own games page so you show your games to the world * Your very own url: * I know everything is not perfect yet but we are working on it. Like when you sign up you can choose your own avatar, we only have 14 pictures to choose from but you will be able to upload your very own avatar soon. The weekly editorials will come back in this version of the dc and of course the game of the week will also return. So i would like to thank Chris again and i hope you enjoy this new version of the daily click. Comments good or bad are always welcome of course. Rikus

Posted by 1st January, 2002

wow, this site looks amazing - great work.
Posted by Ichimotsu 1st January, 2002

I liek site
Posted by 1st January, 2002

cafe clone ahoy!
Posted by 2nd January, 2002

Very good! I like it!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 2nd January, 2002

excellent! new start page here we come im gonna visit this everyday u know ;)
Posted by jast 2nd January, 2002

This is damn cool - but why did all the old games have to be deleted? And why isn't there no more game of the week but only that old top-downloads (that had been replaced on the old TDC because of several good reasons)? I'd like it more to have a GOTW. But nevertheless, this is really awesome.
Posted by 2nd January, 2002

The game of the week is still on, just not at the moment.
Posted by Rikus 2nd January, 2002

GOTW should return hopefully before the week is over. Glad you like the new site.
Posted by Claudio Mondello 2nd January, 2002

Great site! GREAT SITE! GREAT SITE!!!!
Posted by Jannuli[dE] 2nd January, 2002

Who gives a Sh*t if is this a clone of some kind. The improvements still make this site to be my NO.1 Kilk Site! (As it were before :D)
Posted by Joshtek 16th May, 2002

shame that games making thing aint up no more'
Posted by 27th October, 2004

I'm from the future.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 22nd November, 2004

Time-traveller too!!!
Posted by Zapper 26th August, 2005

Baah!! You time travelling ninnies from 2004 do my head in, 2005 is the place to be I tells ya!
Posted by axel 8th September, 2005

indeed :D
Posted by Liquixcat 24th September, 2005

crack monkeys
Posted by Peblo 25th November, 2005

Quite the popular news page for being old.
Posted by axel 9th April, 2006

This is a tourist attraction.
Posted by falkon 21st October, 2006

i like archives :

Posted by Rikus 17th December, 2006

Wow, the first news post is still getting comments, cool, keep it going leave your legacy
Posted by DaVince 11th April, 2007


I never even knew before there were news archives.
Posted by Hayo 4th August, 2007

Hello folks
Posted by The Chris Street 26th August, 2007

Haha its kinda sad really how we all look for the first news post
Posted by Rikus 22nd September, 2007

Ok so it took me years but i found the missing graphic (mike6.gif) that was on this news post, yay now its complete
Posted by Jake G 15th November, 2007

huzzah _
Posted by Clubsoft 27th November, 2007

You're all sad
Posted by nim 15th December, 2007

O HAI! \/
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 18th March, 2008

Hey guys, you should come and checkout 2008 - it's waay cooler than all the other so-called "futures"
*says hi*
Posted by Ricky 31st March, 2008

@ Johan
2008 isn't that great (unless you have a Wii)
Posted by Codemonkey 19th July, 2008

I am less past-y then all of you!
Posted by Fish20 10th August, 2008

Stop being orange!
Posted by Codemonkey 11th September, 2008

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 1st October, 2008

Here I was thinking how nifty it would be to leave a comment on the first post.
Posted by Codemonkey 4th October, 2008

Posted by OMC 21st October, 2008

*OldManClayton joins the posting club*
This here year of 2008 is great... Can't wait to come back in 2055 to post here again. By then TDC will be centered around Web 74.2 and Clickteam (Who will be known by GestureCollective Or Think-To-CommandGroup) will have Multimedia Fusion 4 () which allows the creation of games by thought. Those of us who still make 4D games with it will be scoffed at by the people who only play 5D games in space.

Posted by Rob Rule 26th October, 2008

Obligatory post...
Posted by [EclektiK] 31st October, 2008

Posted by Otter 16th November, 2008


Posted by RedEnchilada 13th December, 2008


Posted by -J- 7th January, 2009

2008 is so last year.

'09 is goin fine
Posted by Muz 7th January, 2009

I'm late
Posted by Codemonkey 7th January, 2009

Posted by Peblo 7th January, 2009

Oh, I've posted already.
Posted by RedEnchilada 10th March, 2009

No, I shall have the last laugh!

Posted by RedEnchilada 11th April, 2009

So, um, hey, guys. The new points system's been up for a couple of days, and I'd just like to say one thing:

Donate points to me plz
Posted by Ricky 14th May, 2009

Hi Peblo
Posted by Nuklear41 16th May, 2009

Well dang. Thought I was gonna be all original and post on the first news.
Posted by RedEnchilada 31st May, 2009

Hairy Fritos eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
Posted by Solgryn 8th July, 2009

Hello from 2009, It's summer and the sun is shining! Going on vacation tomorrow !

8. July 2009
Posted by Codemonkey 22nd July, 2009

I like posting here.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 4th December, 2009

Me too, this is where the action is!
Posted by OMC 29th January, 2010

A new decade, a new wasteful post.
Posted by Rikus 15th February, 2010

2010! Yea!
Posted by LB 19th March, 2010

Cool! I found the first post lol

Well um... 2010 is cool and all but... 2009 wasn't very good. It went by too fast too.

I guess we will all be posting here forever!

/out 3-18-2010
Posted by Ski 14th May, 2010

Posted by LB 22nd May, 2010

Posted by Haakon 21st February, 2011

Hey guys, you should come and checkout 2011 - it's waay cooler than all the other so-called "futures"
Posted by Ricky 7th October, 2011

not really
Posted by Otter 15th December, 2011

Posted by Liquixcat 13th May, 2014

It's 2014, still no flying cars. I miss 2002.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 7th June, 2018

It's 2018 and there are still no flying cars. When will they come!
Posted by Joshtek 9th January, 2022

It's 2022 and there are *STILL* no flying cars. I demand a refund!


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