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News posted 15th September, 2002 by Rikus  

Well folks, we got 2 very cool new community sites for you. The first one is the new version of Total Klik. It has news,previews,reviews etc and its updated all the time. Next up we have Ferg's Kliktime. The site has been down for a while but its back now with also regular updates and many games,news,previews for you to check out. Things are looking bright once again with all these new community sites appearing. Spread the word Click here to visit Total Klik   Click here to visit Ferg's Kliktime

Posted by Fergs Kliktime 15th September, 2002

Thx Rikus and I must say, I like the new Total Klik.
Posted by MasterM 15th September, 2002

Posted by Mark 15th September, 2002

Cafelite has a new look2
Posted by Bart 15th September, 2002

Yah but Cafelites is just another phpnuke theme..nothing special
Posted by Mindstorms 15th September, 2002 much as we appreciate how you degrade anything we ever do.....we actaully have major plans under way. Go to the site to read them..... :P
Posted by Bart 16th September, 2002

Huh? I never even mentioned DC
Posted by Fergs Kliktime 16th September, 2002

I think hes talking about Cafelite dude.
Posted by Bart 16th September, 2002

Ah, hehe. Didn't read the comment fully.
Posted by Mark 16th September, 2002

wow. a actual conversation in comments, witout sum madman talking about his sheep or somehting in between them.


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