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Project: Mr Stump's Dentures 2
Project Started: 29th November, 2007 Last Update: 13th September, 2012
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Project Overview  
Preview A premise that has been in development since March 2004 and has seen four complete restarts, Mr Stump's Dentures 2 - complete with apostrophe this time - is now heading towards the stage of completion. It has already attracted the attention of so it must be good... right? Right? Oh.

If you're expecting a deep, thought provoking game with plenty of stylish moves then you've downloaded the wrong game. There is nothing stylish or original about MSD2 - in fact, the game is a cross-breed of Mario and Sonic.

The MSD2 project began shortly after the first game was released and it was always my intention to create a relatively simple pick-up-and-play platformer. Nothing more.


There are two ways you can play Mr Stump's Dentures 2. The first way is to just play through the levels, reach the goal and beat the guardians, and finish the basic game. The other method does in fact require exploration and the aquisition of Stumpy Statues.

So here's the way the game works.

Each level has three acts, plus a Guardian Battle, ala Sonic The Hedgehog. Hidden in each act is a Stumpy Statue. Collect the Stumpy Statue without dying (otherwise you'll have to recollect it), defeat the level Guardian and you'll gain access to the Bonus Stage - a timer based level where you'll need to collect all the gems within the time limit and then finally collect a Denture Key. Collect all the Denture Keys throughout the game and you'll be able to access the secret, final level.

Oh, and I forgot the story. Well, it hasn't been scripted properly yet, but the general premise is that Dr Braceface, a dentist, has stolen your dentures! Dentures, which, in fact, contain the unlockable power of the Tooth God - and the Tooth God does not like dentists. With the Tooth God potentially at his disposal, Dr Braceface intends to murderise the worlds dentist population, and henceforth, being the sole dentist left, can raise his prices to extortionate levels.

Can Mr Stump stop him? It's up to YOU. Probably.

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2 7 Deeper and down
By: Dr. James MD
On: 15th Apr 08, 08:20:07
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Slacking? Yes. Abandoned? No. Video? YES!
Posted 13th Sep 12, by The Chris Street 3 Comments

Some gameplay footage that isn't actually a trailer. Over a year since my last update. I guess... all I can say... is sorry.

But I've been concentrating on MSD: Kiddie Edition for Xbox Live, as well as another un-named and unrevealed project... for the last year.

Kiddie Edition is nearly finished BTW.
Nearly a year ago...
Posted 18th Aug 11, by The Chris Street 4 Comments
Since my last post in regards to this game.

I've got two things to show at the 2011 Click Convention. Both are denture related...

Neither are finished... yet.
Posted 26th Aug 10, by The Chris Street 6 Comments







Two and a half years since the last update! It's absolutely shocking. Anyhow just a quickish post to say that there are seven brand new spanking screenshots at the Acoders website (at that's for anyone who got the Click Convention 2010 gag).

Also, if you haven't done so already, check out the second part of my presentation at the 2010 Click Convention. It's partly MSD2 related, with gameplay footage and subtitles (because I have a stupidly deep voice not suited to presentations)

PS: The screenshot thumbnails might be displayed as a black box. Don't worry though! Just click on them and you should be fine
Well then
Posted 14th Feb 08, by The Chris Street 2 Comments
What have I been up to with this game since the last update?

A slight story change is in the works, and I've created a new boss battle and some new level music for one stage.

Also, I've actually restarted a whole stage again - you might have seen a glimmer of it at the Click Convention last year but I didn't enjoy playing it.

Oh, and in case you weren't aware, since I've now joined Acoders ( you'll find more information there.

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