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Project: Mr. Chip 2 (World 1)
Project Started: 15th June, 2002 Last Update: 15th June, 2002
Project Owner: Joshtek Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This game is most definately a platformer, one of the most common of genres,
I made this game some years ago and am now much better at programming games in MMF 1.2 (Moo is my anvil, String Parser etc is my hammer) but its fun nethertheless, even though I can't draw graphics

I'v put up some screen shots and you can decide amongst yourselfs if its worth me polishing off a little bit and releasing (theres around eight levels.

You are Mr. Chip, a hero of sorts - One day you realise you havn't seen Potato Chip for a long time and he must have been captured by your nemisis (and ofcourse brother) Evil Chip, so you head forth to the first castlwwhich says 'Potato Chip INSIE!' and begin your adventure.

Well, whaddya think anyway - it is using the charecters from my cartoon 'Chip TV' if you wanted to know...nevermind

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