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Project: TDC Chat
Project Started: 30th October, 2008 Last Update: 20th March, 2010
Project Owner: Jon Lambert Project Members:
Project Type: Upgrades To Previous Products Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Seeing as I've released three different products that are version-intensive (if I'm using that word right), I feel that it would be easier to notify people of updates to my products by having a project page for them, as opposed to resubmitting downloads, making forum threads or sending news to the admins. So my three products are:

Signature Creator
This program currently allows you to create 320 pixel by 24 pixel forum signatures with two different texts, two pictures, background gradient, and an outline.

Plat4m Engine - Platform Game Engine for MMF2
A custom platform game engine for MMF2 with walking, running, crawling, jumping, stun, ladders, moving platforms, conveyors, and more.

TDC Chat
Currently Version 1.19 and the official chat program of The Daily Click. Hang with friends, chat it up, show your emotions, watch videos, and play games together!

So I will be using this project page to notify those who care of updates to my products either released or in progress. If there is a problem with this idea, someone tell me and I'll just wipe out the page.

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TDC Chat Version 1.20
Posted 20th Mar 10, by Jon Lambert Post A Comment

Version 1.20 of the TDC Chat brings to you:

- Formatting tags. You can now use < b >,< i >,< u >, and < s > (spaces removed) to format text. These also work with [] brackets.
- Backgrounds. You can toggle these on the bar at the top. You cannot select text while the background is active.
- Stability increase. Some code was changed so that the chat isn't so resource-intensive.

No graphical component yet. Assault Andy is working on some dead reckoning for that, and then I'll need some more sprites. Next update will have multiple chatrooms!
TDC Chat Ver. 1.19
Posted 18th Nov 09, by Jon Lambert Post A Comment


Version 1.19 of the TDC Chat brings to you:

- Switch to Lacewing.
- Change in ranking code.

Nothing much here except the change to Lacewing. However, there is the new graphical component coming to the chat, as you all know, and I have for you a sneak peek picture of the new engine! It's got one bug that I have to get rid of first. Be ready!
TDC Chat Ver. 1.18
Posted 5th Oct 09, by Jon Lambert 1 Comment

Version 1.18 of the TDC Chat brings to you:
- Tray icon. Hides the window, states user count, announces errors and disconnects.
- Send to tray on start.
- Added buttons next to chat box to send app to tray and to close YouTube videos (when open).
- Taskbar flashing on messages and member activity also toggles tray icon balloon messages.
- Bug report. Creates a bug report file. You'll have to send it yourself.
- New search bar. Not toggleable because the room list will eventually occupy it as well.

So what I suggest is that you set it to autologin, boot on Windows startup, and automatically send to tray. It will not only keep you better connected but will also help me find and fix bugs faster. Then I'll ask for feature suggestions and we'll start hosting competitions and parties in the chat!

TDC Chat Ver. 1.17
Posted 24th Aug 09, by Jon Lambert 2 Comments


Version 1.17 of the TDC Chat brings to you:
- Embedded YouTube videos, toggle with /embed and hide with /close
- Improved swear filter
- Discussion topics, activated by admins' use of /topic
- Chat buffer (by pressing Ctrl + Up and Ctrl + Down you can scroll through previously spoken messages)
- OINC Version 1.0b, which should fixed the random crashing issues.
- Enabled tree control. It doesn't crash the app when you click it. Left-click on a username to add their name to the chat bar, right-click to turn the message into a pm, and double-click to view their profile.
- Typing alert. A speech bubble will appear on the icons of those typing.

Version 1.16 (for the craft person that may have downloaded it after .15 and before .17) of the TDC Chat brought to you:
- Embedded YouTube videos
- Improved swear filter
- Discussion topics, activated by admins' use of /topic
- Typing alert. A speech bubble will appear on the icons of those typing.

Next up, a vitalized version!

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