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Project: New Super Mario Land
Project Started: 17th December, 2008 Last Update: 10th April, 2009
Project Owner: Jon Lambert Project Members:
Project Type: Retro Sequel/Remake Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Welcome back to Sarasaland! While you were gone, Tatanga got up the courage to steal Princess Daisy again, this time without Wario's leadership. A man of his own now, Tatanga plans to take Princess Daisy to his brand new castle and... well, you'll have to stop him before he does!

New Super Mario Land is a fan continuation of the Super Mario Land series, a retro sequel/remake in the way of New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Land will include all four of the original worlds with new and old levels, as well as new worlds in the original kingdoms, as well as new bosses and power-ups. There will also be a star quest: collect the three stars in each level to unlock new adventures!

The game was started in June of 2007, and while it has gone on the back burner, one day it will rise from the depths (of the back burner) and see itself completed!

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By: Asholay
On: 17th Apr 09, 12:31:06
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Marine Pop and TIG Source
Posted 10th Apr 09, by Jon Lambert 3 Comments
So what have I been doing? Well, this isn't over yet. What I was doing was working on the Marine Pop/Sky Pop engine, and here it is, (mostly) finished:

In other news, someone by the name of Simon Kaizen bothered to put me on a forum thread on TIG Source. Not sure how great that is, but it's nice, and will get the game more exposure.
Requesting Assistance!
Posted 22nd Dec 08, by Jon Lambert 7 Comments
I need some help here folks. Currently I'm trying to get every sound as accurate as possible to the original, which is why I am recording them from the original game. The sounds themselves are good, but the music, not so much. What I am requesting, then, is that someone who is good at making .mod files should make the other songs for me, please? Here is the original, that I got from a game on MFGG.

Next, seeing as I started this a year ago and then left it, I have no idea how I programmed it in the first place, so I'm redoing the engine (well, most of it). Look at it down there.

Oh, and one more treat for those who have PSPs.
YouTube Trailer
Posted 17th Dec 08, by Jon Lambert 7 Comments

Here it is, the trailer for the game. I actually made this two months after I started work on the game. Like it? No? Yes? This was really actually made because I wanted an excuse to use the music that plays throughout. It took me forever to find this on my old hard drive (forever being 20, 30 minutes) because Google Desktop wouldn't index it. So I uninstalled Google Desktop and used the good old Search Folder.

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