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Project: Blob's Adventure 2! (Done)
Project Started: 28th January, 2009 Last Update: 11th April, 2009
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Project Type: Adventure game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview I've started on a Blob's adventure 2 game, after I saw how the people here on The Daily Click liked Blob's Adventure.

Blob's adventure, the first one, was only supposed to be a little game that I made because I hadn't made any games in a while so I made a quick game. But the quick game turned out to be a huge success considering the time I spent making it.

The new Blob's adventure 2 will be a much more solid game, with lots of cool graphics, changing gameplay and effects. I use a costum platform movement compared to the first game, where I used the platform movement available in the program. That movement has a lot of glicthes but I thought "What the heck, no big deal". But with the new game I will also make a highscore list, you will be able to save your game.

There is 5 worlds, each world with 5 levels and 1 boss, that makes it 35-40 levels roughly, as I have also some bonus levels in it for you! Which brings me to the next subject, the coins. In Blob's adventure 2 you will be able to collect coins to gain score and in most levels, if you collect all the coins, a bonus door will appear and you will visit a bonus level packed with coins. But if you die in a level, you will have to collect the coins again.

When you complete a level, your score is saved and if you die in the next level, it will go back to the score you had when you started that level.

Well, I hope you like the idea and please contact me if you have any ideas for the game that you would like to share and I will consider them =.


Made world number 2, and working on the boss atm.

Bye for now!


Been busy lately, but ill make some levels soon.

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Omg, this is the end...
Posted 11th Apr 09, by Solgryn 1 Comment
I'm done! And I will be releasing it RIGHT NOW! Look out for the download!
Posted 10th Apr 09, by Solgryn 3 Comments
Omg, just finished the game and im having beta testers testing it right now, need to find all the bugs and eliminate them , and maybe do some changes here and there! But expect it out this weekend. OMGOMGOMG METAL GEAR
LAST BOSS! Under development!
Posted 9th Apr 09, by Solgryn 3 Comments
I'm working on the last boss and it should be ready any time soon, and I promise you... this battle is so epic that you will shiver all over your body


And after im done then I just need some beta testing from my friends and i'm all set ! Wouldn't want to upload something with bugs in it =D

See y'all and i'm looking forward to your reaction to this game .

The new ray-beam:

New levels and bosses!!! Almost done!
Posted 8th Apr 09, by Solgryn 3 Comments
I made some levels in world 5 and also the boss in world 4 and 5 ! I only need 1 level in world 5 and the final boss!

The final boss is gonna be a mix of all the bosses, having all their moves and phases, you must fly through the space and slide down ice bergs to defeat him! Ofcourse, there will be saves with each "Phase".

I left a little screenie of the new bosses and levels for you guys to look at .

Today im working on level 4 done and level 5 and hopefully make the last boss, I really want this done because you guys waited so long, those who are eager to play it =.

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