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Project Started: 18th March, 2009 Last Update: 24th March, 2009
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Preview What would happen if you were to be sucked into a game machine and transformed into a dragon?


Well, say hello to Dragon Master!


The game has been in development slowly since last year but it has really picked up this month with the upcoming TDC-Arcade. Yes the game will be a launch game for the arcade. The entire game is setup to try and get the highest score possible and to get as far as you can in the game.

The game will have 14 levels and you should be able to beat each level within 2-3 min once you gain some experience. The game will have a bonus timer so the faster you complete a level the higher your score will be. The game is being setup to have some quick "pick-up and play" fun. There is a col story now since i could not help myself. However I am trying to make sure things do not get boring since each level will bring something new, in the game you will start in the clouds, move to the forrest into the courtyard of a castle were in the end you will enter a castle to finally get to the last 14th level.

The game uses graphics made new for the game by Adam and also graphics made by Brian Su from the old ZOZ game (also a game made by me that got lost and that almost no1 saw) Music is made by my brother Rene.

So thats it, I am trying to make this game as fun as I can and hopefully once its released you will checked it out!

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Game Completed, well almost!
Posted 24th Mar 09, by Rikus 2 Comments
Whoops, got some time over the weekend and finished the game. Well almost, some beta testing needs to be done and level design issues, i want the game to be easy enough to complete all levels but I also do not want it to be a breeze. The game will in total have 14 level. Not the 25 I had in mind but to keep the game flowing this is better.


Also the game now has a story with a nice intro and creapy ending, i am very happy with it. I'll keep you all posted, time for me to relax now
Starting up Level 5
Posted 18th Mar 09, by Rikus 4 Comments
Welcome to the first post! It has actually been many years since I completed a game so it is exciting to be on this side of the fence and actually do some level designing and mmf programming again.


Started on level 5 yesterday, the forrest area. Things are going great, added a new enemie Bat, wich can fly and attack you. Lucky for you you can shoot a fireball at him to get rid of them

The game plays pretty much as a combination of eggit and dragonstale, the first couple of levels you are even still a egg and you cant shoot yet, it works since you can get used to the controls this way and things are not overly hard. However once level 3 hits, your egg hatches and you can kick some serious tale as Draco.

I'll update again once I am around level 10

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