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Project: World Conqueror (Abandon)
Project Started: 11th April, 2009 Last Update: 13th April, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Destruction is a little engine I had laying around that I made long ago. People thought the engine was cool and they could spend alot of time just goofing around with it.

After Blobs Adventure 2's completion, I then thought maybe I should make a game out of the engine. That was my first intention when I created the engine, but I didn't get to develop on it.

UPDATED ENGINE 13. april 2009

-New weapon lightning generator (press 5 to use)
-people spawns automatic now, but you can still hold right click to spawn

Here's a part of the engine as an example (SO FAR. This will be updated):

Rightclick - adding humans
Left click - shoot
1,2,3,4, 5 - change weapon (1 is single shot, 2 is bomb launcher, 3 is lazer, 4 is abduction ray and 5 is lightning)

It would be nice to tell me what you think of the engine and maybe some changes / new weapons, ideas to the gameplay and such! Thanks!

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By: Solgryn
On: 14th Apr 09, 15:10:57
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Name change
Posted 13th Apr 09, by Solgryn 1 Comment
I changed the name from destruction to World Conqueror, any feedback from the change? Good or bad? =D

Also, I'm almost done with the shop, you are gonna level up and then buy upgrades with skill points. As you destroy things. Havn't made tanks/planes and stuff yet, but I'm gonna make it sometime.
Updated engine again
Posted 13th Apr 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment
Fixed some bugs and added a new weapon:

lightning generator - click to add a lightning
(press 5 to use)

also, there spawns people automatic now but you can stil right click to spawn them.
Updated engine
Posted 12th Apr 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment
I updated the engine including following updates:

-New weapon Abduction ray PRESS 4 TO USE (Abduct the people for health, you can also drop them and watch them die Muhaha )
-Lazer made less OP (Theres a cool meter on it and if used too much, it must cool off for 1,5 secs)

You can try it out up there ^
Write what you think of it here!
Posted 11th Apr 09, by Solgryn 6 Comments
Read the title, give me some ideas on how to improve the engine (maybe?), and adding the gameplay. How the game is gonna work and such.

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