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Project: Evadez (Done)
Project Started: 16th April, 2009 Last Update: 16th April, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
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Preview This is a game I'm making for the "Console wars"-competition =D.

I started working on this game a few days ago, I didn't knew quite what concept it would have, but I came up with the idea of the player to be a small thingy avoiding things and collecting upgrades which allows the player to double jump, triple jump, dash, duck and lots of other great stuff usefull for avoiding. The powerups will wear off time after time so you will need to collect them.

There are 4 different enemies to far:

A lazor which shoot lazer down the screen

Bouncing balls, similar to the balls in Blobs bubble buster adventure, they will bounce around the screen.

"drivers", which land from the sky and then accelerate towards the player and then fly offscreen.

"flyers" which fly towards the player at the same height as the player is.

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By: Solgryn
On: 17th Apr 09, 07:43:38
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