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Project: Blobomb (Done)
Project Started: 30th May, 2009 Last Update: 29th June, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Preview Hello everyone! I started a new project some days ago called "Blobomb", well at that time I didn't knew the name for the game. I'm not quite sure of the name so I'm open for ideas!

The game is about selecting a character, grab the bomb and try to explode the other player.

When the game starts there will be a bomb at the stage, both of the players will try to get it. For instance if player 1 gets the bomb, an apple (Yes, an apple just needed something, I'm thinking of a new thing to collect) will appear. The apple makes the player drop the bomb and a new bomb will be spawned, both players will try to get that bomb and so on and so on. It is extremely fun with 2 players, got some nice feedback from my class, but I also made an AI that I'm working on it is partly done and midly challenging!

There are 8 characters to choose from!

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By: Solgryn
On: 1st Jun 09, 20:43:40
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Posted 29th Jun 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment
So, I released the game and you can find it soon in the download section and (hopefully) on the front page .

Have fun! =
Options done almost and I'm almost done with the game =D!
Posted 17th Jun 09, by Solgryn 3 Comments
Hey everyone I'm almost done with the game. It's been a blast working on an online game, and I'm also making another online game called "Midget tanks", check out the project page =D.

So, done the levels, single player, versus, and online mode, dont forget the options. Thats almost done too.

I'll be releasing when I get all the bugs fixed (if there are any).

New levels + in online mode
Posted 11th Jun 09, by Solgryn 2 Comments

Hey, I've been working on Blobomb as well as my new animation but I've made new levels, there are 4 right now. Also made these levels in online mode, since that was a bit harder than offline mode, but it was doable.

I don't know when I'll be releasing this game but it's not that far away, I mean I have all the characters, modes and stuff. Well, I need the options mode I'll make that later.

Cya for now.
Title screen, menu done and maybe Blob 3?
Posted 9th Jun 09, by Solgryn 5 Comments
So, I've made the menu and title screen, also fixed some bugs in the online mode and I'm really pleased with the result.

I might be doing another online game later but it's just an idea right now.

Also, I made an engine for a (possible) Blob's adventure 3! But I'm quite unsure if I will make it... I'll post the engine some time and you guys can have a look and tell me what you think =D. In the engine theres lots of new features such as picking things up, upgraded swimming engine and enemies , but for now I need to get Blobomb finished, I can't wait to release it =.



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