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Project: Midget Tanks (Online)
Project Started: 17th June, 2009 Last Update: 8th July, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Online Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Hey everybody! I'm making this new, but small online game which is kind of like tank trouble. The only difference is that you can play online .

I made this one night, I was bored and I thought I could do a small online engine. But it turned out to be this little game.

The game is about shooting each other, each player controls a small vehicle which can shoot bullets, the bullets bounce off the wall. You can die of your own bullets too.

the levels are built like a maze.

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1 2 This has potential!
By: Solgryn
On: 24th Jun 09, 16:13:31
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Offline mode done soon
Posted 8th Jul 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment
I've been working on the offline mode lately and it's almost done. When I'm done I'll probably be releasing the game as a little gift before I go on vacation, because thats tomorrow.

New UI graphics
Posted 24th Jun 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment
Hey! I made some new title screen graphics in the game and I think they suit the game well. Tell me what you think . Also, I made some more on multiplayer mode, fixed some bugs and corrected the UI, now you can see whos in the game aswell in a list.

Also, my new name (It's gonna be as an opening sequence in the games) is Broken Finger productions. I've made a logo in flash and animated it and it looks very nice . Theres a little story behind that name, but it's not that I've broken my finger or anything. Me and my friend when we played super smash bros on my computer I had to use my pinky on some buttons, and I don't use my pinky quite often so when i suddenly use it, it snaps when I move it .

Small update here, cyas.

MultiPlayer scoring system working
Posted 20th Jun 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment
Hey everyone, small update here. After hours of frustration I finally got the scoring system in the multiplayer mode working. It basicly shows the score of each player inside. I got it working really fast with the scoring, but when I needed to display it it went all fucked up and I didn't know why.

So I tried to redo it a couple of hours later and it worked =. Thank god. So Multiplayer done and the same goes for versus.

I might also make an offline versus mode in the game, I think that would be nice.

Multiplayer soon done!
Posted 19th Jun 09, by Solgryn 1 Comment
I'm soon done with the multiplayer mode, theres a versus and multiplayer mode.

In the versus, ther can only be 2 inside the map but in the multi, there can be alot more.

Bye for now, enjoy the screenshot

(Me and my friend both had 6 screens open and was in the same game )

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