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Project: Tops the Pig 2 Remake
Project Started: 18th June, 2009 Last Update: 8th August, 2009
Project Owner: Jon Lambert Project Members: Johan Hargne (Wartagon)
Project Type: Remake of a classic Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Tops the Pig 2 is a game by AndyUK, and was released on October 11th, 2002. Now it is the year 2009, and for Werewoof's Next Gen Competition, I've decided to bring this game back with new graphics, music, sounds, and even some new gameplay elements.

Seeing as the source to the original has been lost, and Clickteam has apparently lost their extraction program, I'm going to make this as accurate as I can based on screenshots and how far I can get in the actual game (so far I've gotten as far as some canyon-type area). Creative liberties will be taken, and level structures will change somewhat, but not what you do in them (a run-to-the-end level won't suddenly become a collect-this level).

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By: Jon Lambert
On: 8th Aug 09, 18:32:41
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Posted 8th Aug 09, by Jon Lambert 5 Comments
I've been spending most of my time lately on the new TDC Chat, busy fixing bugs, adding features, and fixing the bugs that come with those new features. Anyways I figure I ought to reveal what I've done since the last post.

So wait, what exactly have I done? Well, a while back my avatar was a gold coin with Tops' face on it. Why? Well, once you beat the game, you'll unlock the Tops Tokens, one of which is in each level, and you can go back to the levels and find the one token hidden in each. They (and one other thing) unlock special features. If you want to know two of those features, then head on over to the Super Secret Spoiler Thread!

Good ideas:
Online multiplayer
Tops 2 Plus levels
Secret final boss
More bosses

Bad ideas:
Adding more segments to level (branching paths withing levels)

And Chris Street decided to take some liberty and do these:
Would you look at that...
Posted 19th Jul 09, by Jon Lambert Post A Comment
Well progress goes on. Right now I'm working on two new features at once, one being a HUD, and the other... well, it's a secret to everyone.

The HUD is an unlockable feature in the game that displays the time you've spent in a level, the total number of times you've died in a playthrough, and your score, which reminds me, I'm adding a score thing. Which means more enemies and stuff to do. Utilizing these statistics can unlock more things, although you don't have to have the HUD unlocked to be able to unlock things with the death statistic.

I'm also working on four menus right now, one being the unlockables menu, and the other three being secrets, two of which are unlockables themselves.

Finally I've started a blog to run about things about my software because it's easier than running a website. So yeah, go there sometime and if you've got a Gmail, Googlemail, Yahoo!, Blogger, or some other accounts I can't remember you can follow it for whatever reason.
The progress continues!
Posted 15th Jul 09, by Jon Lambert 19 Comments
Seeing as I was pressured by the impending deadline and the plague of bugs that revealed themselves to me after the fact, I didn't get to put everything I wanted to in the submitted game. What happens now then is that I continue to work on it. That means developing the levels, adding things to them, and stuff like that. I like the McDoss battle music, so that's what I did first, added things to the battle. Now he has more than one attack. It also reveals how you'd go about beating him in the submitted version.

Oh, I FIXED fullscreen as well. I also added a prompt when you die, in case the engine fails to restart it for you. Second verse, same as the first. Replace the application in your current folder with this one.
The Replica Remake
Posted 14th Jul 09, by Jon Lambert 4 Comments
So for the competition I have released the first complete build of Tops the Pig 2: The 2009 Remake. I'm calling it a replica remake because it's essentially the original game except for the new graphics, the new music, expanded levels, new credits and completely different final boss pattern. I'm not putting it on the downloads page just yet because of the fact that it doesn't have all of the new things I wanted to add, one of which is saving. So you'll just have to play through the whole thing at once.

The soundtrack is in this .zip file:

And the fixed application is in this .zip file. Take the file found in here and use it to replace the one in the soundtrack folder.

EDIT: I found a fatal bug that makes the game impossible to complete, so I fixed it. If you've already downloaded it, download the above version to fix it.

You also can restart a level by holding Enter and pressing Spacebar.

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