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Project: Blob's Aquarium Extravaganza
Project Started: 19th July, 2009 Last Update: 22nd July, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview So I started making this game a while ago but started for real when I got home from vacation. I made some graphics and some neat features:

Upgrade your food quality, food speed and stuff!
3 different "modes", (Hand, Mace and Vacuum)
- The hand drops food, collects coins
- The mace kills your fishies if you want
- The vacuum can attract coins but for a short period of time; with reload.
Leveling system
Naming your fish
Evolutions (6 different looks atm)
Get information about each of of your fishies (Hungry, exp, name, lifetime etc.)
Mini games gives you xtra score, how much score depends on how many fishies you have.
Easter egg skins.
Baddies attacking your fish which you can shoot and upgrade your weapon.

Katcher (Catches coins)
McFood (Spawns food)
??? (Shoots baddies)

Please comment and suggest any stuff that could be in the game.

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New evoloutions + boss character
Posted 22nd Jul 09, by Solgryn 9 Comments

There will be monsters requiring you to defend your fish, as I wrote earlier and I have made one boss character! =D It's skeleton king, Blobs evil nemisis. Planning to make more boss characters, maybe around 5-6 or something, let's see. Also click'D (It's not really programming) the boss character and it's working.

Also, new evoloutions for the fishies they now have 8 evoloution skins. Planning to make more so there will be around 10. Every 10th lvl your fish will evolve and give a coin bonus.
Fishies have gone to school!
Posted 20th Jul 09, by Solgryn 2 Comments
Fishies have learned to take the nearest food instead of the newest .

Makes the game lots better.

This is how you do it:

The food object:
- Set Alterable Value A to distance bewtween FOOD and FISH (Clickteam movement controller EXT)

The fish object:
- Select object with the lowest Alterable Value A (Select object EXT)
- (do the events for the fish to go to the object, I do it manually with adding and subtracting 2 values as X and Y if the FOOD X/Y is lower or higher than the FISH object)
Some Screenies
Posted 19th Jul 09, by Solgryn 6 Comments


Here are some screenshots.

-P-fish (eats fishies that are lvl 1, drop coins which are more valuable than fish)
-Fish (Drop coins and eat food)

The values of the coins upgrades with the lvls. When the lvls are higher, the fishes need better food since they are becoming hungry faster and faster.

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