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Project: Lunnye Devitsy
Project Started: 20th July, 2009 Last Update: 28th July, 2009
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

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Moon Damsels

Lunnye is an exploration based platform game using a HWA version of the Tormishire engine which was started 10 days ago. It was inspired by a few things; the title comes from a song of the same name (Russian for moon damsels) by a band called Mumiy Troll and also inspired by the recent moon landing anniversary.


The goal is to get to the moon from a vast mountainside, there are 6 methods in total. There is no dialogue and it's very puzzle/mystery based. It should be out in a few days and have a couple of hours worth of gameplay.

Have at you!

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Posted 28th Jul 09, by Dr. James MD 9 Comments
And with that it's done!

Only appears in the first segment of that vid.
Posted 23rd Jul 09, by Dr. James MD 7 Comments
It's done now. I'm just adding in some more collectables, and fixing the bug and balancing. Sent to Pineapple for testing last night and he had some good suggestions for the music (adding fade outs etc), as well as getting some quality feedback. Just need to do some bug fixing and tweaking.

But just a word of warning this isn't a traditional platformer. It's kind of like Myst (even though I never finished that). To play on being an alien you can't talk to anyone and little is explained. But you can't die and it only saves when you do a task, so there's nothing to worry about. There's no punishment, but the game itself is very challenging in working out how to beat it. Does that make sense?

It was going to be out tonight but I was whisked off to dinner. Nothing exciting happens ever and then all of a sudden everything happens at once. Actually met up with Zane (if you oldies remember him) who's now a radiographer.

Also got an email from Mumiy Troll today wishing me the best on this project. That's the band who wrote the song that inspired this game, and they're very excellent and very unheard of outside of Russia. I think they're on iTunes but they're definitely on eMusic - so go forth and buy all their brilliant music, like!
Posted 22nd Jul 09, by Dr. James MD 12 Comments
Yea I don't even know why but I can't get the memory requirement under 50mb. I've made all the songs Play From Disk, removed all the unnecessary graphics and trimmed about half the left over events from Tormi! It's a bit annoying. I've even done some tests like removing all backdrop objects and even required actives, and deactivated all the events but still the lowest it goes it 45mb.

Ho hum. It runs well on my old system though, put an object limit on the particles (which could cause some slowdown) so thats good.

Still need to add 2 more songs and do some testing. I've gone through today and added a Bloom effect (since it works really well with the art) which is nice.

Had to rush my gran into the hospital last night too so it'll be an extra day or so now. But it was nowt serious.

(sorry for the small image, it's ripped from my blog and silly me forgot to make the image full size in Windows Live Writer.)
Coming tsune
Posted 20th Jul 09, by Dr. James MD 12 Comments
It's almost done now. All I have to do is finish off the world map (9000x4000), write 4 or so more tracks, test to hell and back and add credits.

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