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Project: The Bubble
Project Started: 8th November, 2009 Last Update: 5th March, 2010
Project Owner: HitmanN Project Members:
Project Type: Metroidvania-ish platformer RPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview My first project with MMF2. Way too ambitious for my own good.

About the game
The Bubble is a platformer RPG, with its main attraction being randomized content, mostly open world, and the ability to customize the main character's abilities and skills differently on each playthrough, allowing different ways to tackle obstacles and foes.

MiSha, the heroine you control in the game, is stuck inside a huge sphere of warped time (and space), an area called The Bubble. She must find out what has happened, and a way to escape The Bubble.

Scale of the game
Although the planned content changes constantly, here's some numbers to give an idea of what I'm aiming for with the full product:

- 25 different levels, open world occasionally limited by randomized obstacles and some key events
- 6 different level themes
- 4+ bosses
- 20+ enemies
- 5+ minibosses
- 5 different kinds of obstacles to get past with items or skills
- 6 different attributes to upgrade
- 10 different values that affect performance
- 18 skills/bonuses to learn
- 16 different melee weapons with varying reach, damage and speed
- 8 different ranged weapons (mainly guns)
- 12 different special items (healing, explosives, etc)
- 14 different accessories that show up on the character, and affect performance
- 2 or more endings
- Designed to be played in 640x480 full screen resolution (though looks ok in window on low enough resolution too)

More shall be provided as the project progresses. Expecting completion around 2010/2011 at this rate, if I manage to keep myself sane, considering that four months back I didn't even know what spread values or fastloops are.

I'm currently doing weekly devlog entries about progress with the game and about its features, so be sure to check back from time to time for new info and screenshots.

Miscellaneous info/FAQ (updated from time to time)
- Release date: 2011 or 2012 most likely
- # of playable characters: 1 (MiSha)

Shameless plug
You can find more anime girls I've drawn at | |
(About half of the art is NSFW, you've been warned!)
Despite the implications though, The Bubble will not have any mature art, besides the occasional busty female characters.

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By: HitmanN
On: 21st Jun 10, 22:54:34
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On backburner
Posted 5th Mar 10, by HitmanN 2 Comments
Because of working primarily on Hanuro Hawk improvements for the past weeks, there's been little to no development for The Bubble.

To be honest, in the meantime I've learned several new things about MMF2, and I already feel like I should probably redo much of the engine for The Bubble, or at least some of the movements and attack behaviours, just to make the code more neat and efficient.

So, for now I'm putting the project on hold, and focus on other projects first, to gather some know-how I can put in use in The Bubble. I have a new game idea brewing in my head, and an engine for it in the making. It's not an RPG, but I'm really diggin' the concept I've thought out for it, and it's completely making it hard to focus on anything else, other than wrapping up Hanuro Hawk, which is only missing couple of small things from the planned final release.

Rest assured though, I'm not planning to throw away The Bubble. I didn't work on it for nearly half a year to do that, y'know. Just need to get some practice first, so I can finish it more efficiently.

Hopefully I'll feel like resuming The Bubble before summer. Time will tell. Thanks for keeping an eye on the project so far.
Project resumed soon(er than last time) xP
Posted 30th Jan 10, by HitmanN Post A Comment
Still nothing new regarding The Bubble. I've been so occupied with other stuff that I just haven't found a moment to focus on it.

BUT! Now I'm really pretty much done with the 20 Event contest entry. (project page here: ) So no other Click projects are taking my time at the moment. I was also hooked on playing AI War for couple of weeks, so now I've had my gaming fix as well.

I've got so little of the main engine and inventory left to do that I really should get 'em done soon, so that I can focus on stuff like savegames and new levels and enemies.
Project resumed soon
Posted 7th Jan 10, by HitmanN 4 Comments
Just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm almost done with my entry to the 20 Event Competition, so I can soon resume working on The Bubble.

It was refreshing to do something different for a change, even if it's nothing revolutionary. Lots of new graphics though, and it'll all be open-source per the contest rules, so look forward to it.
Weekly Devlog #6 - Taking a short break
Posted 19th Dec 09, by HitmanN 4 Comments
Change of focus for a bit
I'm taking a short break from The Bubble, to work on my entry to the 20 Event Competition hosted by GameBuilder and Clickteam. I'm not telling yet what kind of game it is, but it's not trying to be a technical accomplishment as much as it is me testing what I can do with MMF2, besides a platformer. I'm still pretty n00b to the scene and the clickteam programs, so altogether it's more of a personal challenge than a quest for prizes or fame. I'm digging what I've done so far though, so if people end up liking it, then I'll do a bigger, prettier and better version of it, or a sequel.

Accomplished this week:
Before I started working on the competition entry, I managed to do the following:
-Decided to include the crafting system with the game, and six different materials that enemies and containers can drop. The inventory screen has been updated to show these materials. (See first screenshot) Most of the material sprites remain undone at this time though.
-The name of an enemy is now shown at the top right corner of the HUD (See second screenshot) when in contact with an enemy. For now it's just the name, but later on there may be a health bar, if a proper skill or accessory is active, or if enough enemies of the same type have been defeated. Remains undecided for the time being.
-Possibly fixed a bug related to the gunner drones firing, that's been occasionally bothering one of my testers.

Anyways, could be that I'm skipping couple of weekly devlog entries to work on the other project, but I'm definitely getting back to this game as soon as I'm done with the other. Stay tuned!


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