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Project: BBBA II
Project Started: 20th January, 2010 Last Update: 9th March, 2010
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Highscore shooter game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview BBBA 2! The sequel to BBBA; a highscore shooter game with online highscores! I started making this around 3 days ago and I thought I would post it here as a project when I made some more on the engine and graphics.

I'll be posting screenshots and video as time goes by !

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Release on the way!
Posted 9th Mar 10, by Solgryn Post A Comment

Hey everybody, so I haven't posted in a while on this project but the release is on its way! The game is practically done. + with the update system, you guys could report bugs (if there are any).

It's pretty much bug-free complete with:

Online Highscore!
AWESOME MUSIIIIIIC!!!!!!! Lots of it!
Pretty good help guide if you're new.
Lots of stats on how well you've done and stuff!


EDIT: Oh yea, and a new boss! AWESOME!

Menus !
Posted 9th Feb 10, by Solgryn 1 Comment
Been a long time = Just wanted to update here, the project aint dead .

Hey, I've been making some menus! I've uploaded a few pictures of the current layout (Some graphics may change).

The first menu contains a video, so just imagine blob running around shooting things okay =D?

The second is the option screen (More options may come). Please tell me if there are some changed you think that should be made! New options? New graphics? Tell me =D.

Goodbye for now !


New bosses + Highscore + Save/load scores
Posted 27th Jan 10, by Solgryn 2 Comments


Let me start with the bosses.
Since last devlog I've added two new bosses.
The first one is a snake-like boss.
Shoot it's parts to lower it's HP. At first it have loads of HP and may take a while to defeat, but if you shoot all it's parts it will be easy to defeat it.

The other is a flying boss:
It shoots rockets and enemies, shoot it to damage it but be careful with the amount of enemies. You may want to finish off some of them before you attack the boss.

Also made online highscore + a system where you can save/load your scores!

Say you have no internet atm and you just got an awesome score in BBBA 2 and you want to upload it.. Now you can! Save your score and load it later and then upload it! =D
Video?! !
Posted 23rd Jan 10, by Solgryn Post A Comment
Hey everyone! A little update here on the engine and gameplay aswell as some new graphics!
Heres the list of new stuff:

Rage meter! Now you can go insane when you've earned enough combos and kill all the stuff in the screen!
New backgrounds! These include:
- Normal grass BG
- Space BG
- Invincibility BG
- Invincibility in space BG
The space BG's are used when you have combo rage
The Wave mods!!
Now each wave is different. Some times the health of enemies are reduced, increased and sometimes more stuff will drop. The split size can also be changed with this!
Achievements! ! Yea, you can earn achievements now, I haven't made any achievements yet though. But the engine is all done.
More small stuffs such as graphic effects.
Probably more, I keep forgetting stuff I've added

Now, go watch the video!

Watch it in all it's 1080p glory =D

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