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Project: Levels (Working Title)
Project Started: 26th April, 2010 Last Update: 22nd May, 2010
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure/community game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Levels is a project I've been working on lately.

It's basicly an adventure game with lots of levels and a powerful level editor. It's also community based game meaning the players who play it can build on the game as they progress.

There will be around 20-30 premade levels or something like that, and when people clear all the levels, they have the opportunity to build a level and add it to the main game.

When players reach the final level afterwards, they download the new user-generated level and will have to clear that to build on the game.

You can ofc build levels without clearing all the main levels, but you can't add the level to the main game. There will also be an online level uploader where you can download/upload and play user-generated levels.


Still needs work

- Launch speed
- Set the zone (For triggering the launch)
- Launch Angle
- Homing (If its homing or not)
- Launch life (How long will the launch last?)

- Jump Strength
- Jump Angle

- Shot Frequency
- Shot timing (if you have some cannons with same frequency, but you want to start them in a sequence)
- Bullet speed
- Bullet angle
- Homing bullets
- Rotation speed

Toggle switch (Will turn global switch on/off)

Off switch (Will turn global switch to off)

On Switch (Will turn global switch to on)


Movable box (You can't pick this up, but you can push it and it can stand on switches)

Bomb (You can pick this up and can destroy certain things, it can also turn on/off switches if it's thrown at them)

Camera options (When blob collides, the camera changes stats)
- Angle / speed
- (checkbox) Rotating (If this is checked, the angle/speed will act as the speed of the rotation)
- Horizontal flip
- Vertical flip
- Zoom

Text board (Can display a text when Blob is standing by it)

Moving platform
- Speed
- Horizontal
- Vertical

Action platform
- Stand time (How many frames Blob needs to stand on it for it to activate)
- Fall down? (Activation causes it to fall down)
- Fall speed
- Explode? (Activation causes it to explode)

Key Door
- ID (If a key collides and have same ID as the door, the door will unlock)

- ID (Use keys to unlock doors with same ID)

Stand Switch (This switch will turn on/off the global switch if being stood on or not, you can also use objects to turn it on/off)

Movement options (When blob collides, it changes his stats)
- Jump strength
- Gravity
- Acceleration
- Deacceleration
- Speed

Reflecter (Will reflect bullets at a given angle)
- Angle

Destroyable Wall (Gets destroyed by explosions, fx. Bombs)

Normal gravity (Turns Blobs gravity to normal)

Reverse gravity (Turns Blobs gravity to reverse)

Conveyor belt
- Speed

- Enemy style (Stupid, turn around, bounce, jump)
- Speed
- Jump strength
- Gravity
- Start direction (Left, right)

Double jump replenisher (When obtained, it refreshed Blobs double jump ability)


Invisible block (Kaizo style, you can go through downwards but not upwards)

Wall jump

Switch block off (Will be a non-obstacle if the global switch is ON)

Switch block on (Will be an obstacle if the global switch is OFF)

Spike switch (You can walk on it if the global switch if ON but spikes will kill you if its OFF)
- start angle

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1 9 Ideas for items
On: 20th May 10, 03:40:18
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New item: Destroyable Wall + Details + Tileset (Grass)
Posted 22nd May 10, by Solgryn Post A Comment

I've added alot of small detail-BG's along with a new grass tileset. These should be able to make your levels prettier

Also, new small object is added Destroyable Wall

This wall can be blown up by bombs! A little xtra thing if people want to make puzzles.

Added a screenshot of all the new things being put to use

BETA update:
I've posponed the release of the BETA since I found alot of small bugs that needs to be fixed and in the meanwhile I've been added new stuff.
New Item - Reflecter!
Posted 20th May 10, by Solgryn Post A Comment
The reflecter can reflect bullets to a given angle. When bullets touch the reflecter, they reflect !

In the reflecters options you can set:

New item - Movement Controller! + Copy in the level editor + New backgrounds
Posted 19th May 10, by Solgryn Post A Comment


The new items includes settings for these following options:

Jump Strength

These are settings for the main character "Blob".


The level editor now has the "copy" feature, just hold shift down and click on a placed item. The items settings and which item it is is copied and you can place them all over the place !!

Also, new backgrounds
I know these arent much but just some ideas for backgrounds
Posted 10th May 10, by Solgryn Post A Comment
I added backgrounds which you select in the editor!
Right now there ae 5 different default BG's but I'm planning on having players add more as background packs.





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