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Project: Zone Runner 3
Project Started: 14th July, 2010 Last Update: 14th July, 2010
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade Platform Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Zone Runner 3 has been in development for quite a while, on and off, over the last two years. The premise remains the same as the previous games... collect coins and don't die. Sounds easy? Trust me, it is not.

The first Zone Runner was made in three days. The second in a few months. What is so different about this game that is better?

Actually, not a lot. Working on the premise that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", the gameplay remains the same. However, that said, there were a couple of slightly broken elements in the first two games.

Zone Runner 3 now features a brand new and very smooth platform engine, with variable height jumping and a ducking mechanic. These two additional components allow for new puzzles to be implemented into the gameplay.

In addition to all this, at the end of each Zone is a Trial Stage, with one big auto-scrolling level. All the techniques you picked up in the previous stages will be put to the test here. Dexterity and nimbleness will be required as you must obtain every single coin before they disappear off-screen, otherwise the Zone Runner perishes.

As with Zone Runner 2, successful first time completion of a Zone heralds a reward. An example of one of these rewards will be demonstrated at Click Convention 2010.

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Some new screenshots
Posted 14th Jul 10, by The Chris Street 3 Comments
Zone Runner 3 looks familiar to the first two games admittedly but as that old addage goes...

A new video will be released fairly soon in time for my upcoming presentation. In the meantime, view the old one below.

Also, while I'm at it:





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