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Project: Choppy 2
Project Started: 6th October, 2010 Last Update: 12th October, 2010
Project Owner: Knudde (Shab) Project Members: AndyUK
Project Type: Arcade Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview A long, long time ago; my cohort and friend AndyUK made a simple game called Choppy. It was a charming affair, in which you as the Helicopter had to collect mysteriously floating keys to open the exit, and move onto the next level. While said game did not set the world on fire, it proved to be a quick, fun experience.

After some time, one of us came up with the idea to have the other do the sequel. This is something that I started on, but was lost in the shuffle of my old klik habits (OH! SHINY! NEW PROJECT!). I have been stupidly guilty of starting and never finishing projects in the past. Well, since the circumstances of my life have changed; I've barely had time to even sit down at the laptop for more than 10 minutes, never mind boot up MMF2. Sure, it's always been in the back of my mind, but I've never had the time. Recently, I decided I needed to make time for klik. This is a hobby I've enjoyed for over a decade (WOW) and it just felt wrong to let it fall by the wayside. So back to kliking I am.

Having said that, I can no longer keep TGF/MMF2 open for hours and hours on end; but my time away has allowed me to focus. While I want to return to kliking, the bad habits I developed during those years need to go. I was always over complicating, over coding, and spreading myself too thin over too many projects. Choppy 2 hopefully represents a turn-around in those habits. You can't over complicate Choppy; it's a simple game with simple goals.

I hope that my project will keep the charm that AndyUK delivered in such a short time with his game; while at the same time the project itself has provided me with an interesting challenge in terms of spriting. Using only 2 colors (3 if you count the grey for background) I hope to make a graphically competent, if not overly interesting game.

Currently, I have the cityscape graphics nearing completion. The Jungle/Rocky area is up next, and I have yet to decide a look for the final area. Aiming for 4 simple levels (Don't confuse it with easy, just go play Choppy if you think simple=easy; it will show you how wrong you are) per area.

If all goes well, I should be able to get this going in a few short weeks (When I have time to successfully wipe my own butt in a day, it's a victory!). I look forward to sharing my exploits with you guys, and I have to give massive credit to Rikus; who somehow manages to keep this site going, even though he and I share very similar lifestyles. I don't know how you do it sir, but I salute you!

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Posted 12th Oct 10, by Knudde (Shab) Post A Comment
One of the things I love doing the most is designing boss fights. Faced with a game like Choppy 2, where there is no combat I must improvise. So while I've established 3 areas, I figure there might be some type of boss.

Now this seems like a bad idea initially, why would anyone ruin the simple elegance of this type of game with a boss fight? Many games have been ruined with ridiculous boss fights that completely changed the main gameplay. Worse still are "Boss Levels", not the levels where the Boss resides, but a level that is the Boss itself.

So the question becomes, how am I going to both stay true to the main gameplay, and not make a "Boss Level" where the walls are super close?

Easy. Instead of Enemy Bosses, there will be Obstacle Bosses. Either centerpiece articulated obstacles, or a challenging set of smaller obstacles working together. Of course, there will be a set pattern to these obstacles; as making them random would be completely unfair.

Now each of these obstacle bosses would take into consideration, the certain "skill" that a particular area aims to improve. For example, the City areas will be largely based on vertical movements. It's very likely that against the obstacle boss, your improved vertical skills will be of great use.

In terms of graphics, the cityscape is nearly complete. I was considering adding more "gothic" structures to the city scape, but they look so out of place next to the rather sterile buildings of the City. I'm finishing up the City's Obstacle Boss; which is honestly taking on a life of it's own after a somewhat uninspired origin.
Posted 6th Oct 10, by Knudde (Shab) 6 Comments
Just a bigger version of the project picture. This is the first pass on the cityscape, after a few more "active" buildings, I will start the second pass and make it a bit more visually interesting (I hope!) Preview

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