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Project: Super Panda Adventures
Project Started: 7th October, 2010 Last Update: 25th April, 2013
Project Owner: Blue66 Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Platformer / Metroidvania Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Overview
This game is a platform-adventure-rpg. What does that mean? Just take the best things you
know from your favorite platformers and mix it with rpg elements like talents, level ups,
quests and magic abilities. And where is the adventure part? Well, I didn't want to call it
a platform rpg because it is still very light hearted and not complex enough to call itself
an rpg so it's more an adventure like Zelda II

The happy panda Fu has his final day of training to become the guardian of the princess. But when it's finally time to celebrate, all of a sudden some evil alien robots come to take over the world! *Of course*!
The robots disguise themselves to hide their unfamiliar nature and invade the whole world. Of course you
have to step into action to rescue your friends and save the day

In this game you play as the panda hero with his sword or his best friend Fiona. Like in my
previous game GunGirl 2, there will be a lot of new abilities to learn and you will have quite
a lot of RPG elements to upgrade your character or learn magic abilities throughout the game.
Also there will be a lot more platform elements in the game so it will not only rely on fun
combat mechanics to keep you entertained.

Latest Video

When and where will this game be released? I can't tell an exact date by now, it is still
too early to talk about that. Probably 2012. It will NOT be freeware, but you can expect a
pretty standard indie price for it.

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By: Blue66
On: 30th May 12, 30/05/2012 08:20:53
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Super Panda Adventures RELEASED!
Posted 25th Apr 13, by Blue66 Post A Comment

Hey there, long time no see
The day has finally arrived, the game is complete and ready for you to enjoy! There's been quite a lot of stuff going on since my last post^^

If you're curious about how the game looks now, here's the new trailer:

There's more info and a (updated) free demo available on my website

Have a great day!
New DEMO v1.11
Posted 21st Jun 12, by Blue66 Post A Comment
Thanks a lot for all the great feedback I received for the Super Panda Adventures DEMO

Iíve tried my best to solve the issues the game had with the first demo version, especially the randomly occuring crashes for some of you. If you had any problems, I invite you to download the new version and see if the issues are still there or if I was able to make them disappear

Super Panda Adventures DEMO is out!
Posted 28th May 12, by Blue66 2 Comments

Yes, finally the demo of SUPER PANDA ADVENTURES is ready for you to enjoy! There is about 15-30 minutes of gameplay available, so hopefully it's long enough to give you a good first impression. If you have anything to say about it, I encourage you to write in my forums ( or send me an email. Thanks a lot and have fun

Download is available on Daily Click and on my main website
Gameplay Video March 2012
Posted 23rd Mar 12, by Blue66 1 Comment

Work in progress! This gameplay demonstration video features original music by James Dean, composed for Super Panda Adventures! Please feel free to leave any feedback you like

(the music was put into the video in post)

My apologies for the bad frame skipping. The original video was recorded with 60 fps, but maybe I have to use another codec or something, because YouTube forces the video to 30 fps and it makes the game look choppy as hell in places. Sorry for that

I'm planning to release a public demo of the game in april. More announcements will follow, when I have the new official panda website up and running

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