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Project: Super Panda Adventures
Project Started: 7th October, 2010 Last Update: 25th April, 2013
Project Owner: Blue66 Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Platformer / Metroidvania Game Project Progress:

Daily Click Survived! So I'm Gonna Make More Updates
Posted 23rd Jan 12, by Blue66  
It's 2012 and TDC is still here! Woot! So of course I will make more dev logs and keep you guys up to date with whats's going on.

First off, I'm making an overworld map screen now! The number of exits I was needing to keep the gameplay smooth and have not too much backtracking was getting ridiculous. So I've cleared the town and all other areas of all the different entrances and exits and whatnot and now if you leave an area, you will see a nice and clean map screen, where you can move freely to the next location you want to visit.

Also there is a new mechanic in the game I call Combo Meter. It rewards the player for high damage and awesome combo combat moves. The more damage you deal in a row, the higher the experience bonus will get.

Here's a video about it!

Posted by Ski 23rd January, 2012

You must be the happiest person on TDC
Posted by Jon C-B 23rd January, 2012

This game looks really great! But i personally think that the combo counter should be shown as you deal the damage, not after you finish the combo.


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