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Project: Gemini Archangel: An Angel Is Born
Project Started: 11th November, 2010 Last Update: 30th May, 2017
Project Owner: Hermes Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure/RPG/Strategy Project Progress:

When The Going Gets Tougher
Posted 14th Nov 13, by Hermes  
Alright, where to begin...I'll be moving back to an old location soon as a result of poor finances. The job search hasn't exactly been going well.
During my downtime, I've been working here and there on bug-proofing the engine, and I've seen much progress. I've also successfully implemented the first boss cutscene, and it plays out perfectly. After it ends, the player resumes control and can hang around the boss lair or leave if he/she wishes.
Should the player decide to come back to the boss lair at a later date (and also if certain conditions are fulfilled), the player will be given the option to re-fight the boss and possibly gain some rare and powerful items.

Many changes happened since the last update, including but not limited to:
-"Freeze" spell no longer crashes the game when executed at a far distance.
-"Pyro Dart", "Lightning Flare" and "Aura Missile" no longer remain in memory once they've been destroyed, eliminating a glitch resulting in potentially infinite damage incurred.
-"Magick Bomb" now does more rounds of damage dependent on the player's 'Magick' skill.
-The Thief 'Kick' animation now plays correctly.
-The Magick User's Staff Swing animation no longer accidentally plays the Thief Kick animation instead.
-The game can be saved after defeating the Dark Woods boss, and he can be re-fought be exiting and entering the Dark Woods after each victory over him.
-Changed the music for the dramatic scene of Perkasie's destruction, and it's much more fitting now.
-Got ahold of more people for voice recording (like Peter and Lynn), and much progress is being made.




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