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Project: Gemini Archangel: An Angel Is Born
Project Started: 11th November, 2010 Last Update: 30th May, 2017
Project Owner: Hermes Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure/RPG/Strategy Project Progress:

Project Archive

May 2017
  You Splash Playfully

July 2016
  It's Getting Hotter

July 2014
  The Winter Is Over

November 2013
  When The Going Gets Tougher

June 2013
  Long Time No Post

December 2012
  Demo is Complete!

November 2012
  Better Late Than Never

August 2012
  Tell Us Who You Are

July 2012
  Enough Playing Around

November 2011
  Everyone Wants A Theme Song

August 2011
  Some Days Just Really Suck
  Smile For The Camera

June 2011
  When Reality Kicks You In The Teeth
  The First Threat Is Never The Biggest

May 2011
  Old Fashioned Whoopin'

April 2011
  The Machines Are Coming

March 2011
  There Is Power At Your Fingertips
  The Sharpest In The Drawer

January 2011
  Hold On To Your Memories

December 2010
  Find Someplace To Go
  Arm Yourself
  Never Lose Hope
  Prepare For Battle, For You May Fall
  Defend Yourself
  Make Haste, For Your Time Is Short

November 2010
  Gaze Into the Night
  Reach Inside Your Pocket
  Look Around You
  First Devlog Post

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