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Project: Gemini Archangel: An Angel Is Born
Project Started: 11th November, 2010 Last Update: 30th May, 2017
Project Owner: Hermes Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure/RPG/Strategy Project Progress:

It's Getting Hotter
Posted 8th Jul 16, by Hermes  
Ah, it's good to be back. Allow me to show you more of what I've completed since my last log!

You can now fight certain friendly NPC's! They drop some good items, too. Just as well, some more enemies have been added for the player's strategic pleasure!

You can swim through the land of fire! Not really swimming, but if you can use the appropriate skills, you can clear a very fiery hurdle indeed!

The black market is now open! The lovely young blonde will help you get some of the tools you need to make it financially in this world of near-ruin.

A few graphical upgrades, voice clips, and glitch-fixes have also been done, so this game is coming along more and more every day. I just hope that my day job won't impede my progress too much more.





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