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Project: Celestia
Project Started: 12th November, 2010 Last Update: 24th June, 2014
Project Owner: siven Project Members:
Project Type: Sidescroller shooter/ rpg Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Just so you all know, the screenshots that you all see of zombies is JUST A MINI GAME.

Join the facebook group! (More Frequent updates, along with stupidity!)

the full story (as you can read a bit of below) will not be in progress until the mini game is finished. im making the mini game first so i have something to put out for free so people can see how the game works, and its easier to work with while making the build for the game. just so you guys know

This game idea was inspired by Gearbox's fps/rpg, Borderlands. I love the idea of having tons and tons and tons of guns to choose from, so i decided to take that concept and make it 2 dimensional. this game will feature completely custom skill trees, and a random gun generator, making thousands upon thousands of gun combinations!

the story is set far in the future when humans have finally concurred the entire solar system. We've settle on, or above each of our 13 planets in the solar system. Though war breaks out between them from time to time, our system generally lives in peace, with minimal contact from the extra terrestrials that helped us get to the point we're at. Everything stays relatively calm in our solar system, until our home planet earth begins to receive transmissions from the other planet outposts of attacks from an unknown alien species that they believe is trying to take over our solar system! Earth then decides to send out some of its best military assets to investigate our outposts. but they have no idea what their about to find...

Some of the features that we intend to add to the game are...

Tons of Armor sets!

melee weapons! We plan to add in randomly created melee weapons as well, so you dont have to be limited to a wiggly lookin' sword, or a small knife, cuz who doesn't love beating things to death with laser swords?

Tons of characters to choose from! right now the roster is up to 6, but will be more than doubled by the time the project is wrapped up.

Gun upgrading Stations: We plan on putting these in some of the major shops around the solar system, so if you find a good low leveled gun, or a legendary gun you wish was a little different, you'll be able to take some of your other guns apart to upgrade and update your older guns. everyone likes to keep a good gun, so why trash it when its level gets too low? just upgrade it!

We're ALWAYS looking for new members! you good at animation, music, or coding? send me a PM if you feel like helpin out.





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By: siven
On: 11th Sep 11, 19:51:27
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Some new stuffs
Posted 24th Jun 14, by siven Post A Comment
so like... i really need to update all the screen shots on this project page... anyway, for anyone who cares...
New celestia update! tis about time right? well sadly, theres not much different. all of the melee weapons work finally, granted the characters animation remains the same for stabbing smashing and slashing, that will be changed later on. in addition, the games display format has been changed from mmf2's default to direct 3d 9, so if you dont have direct x, you'll need it. though i cant imagine why you whouldnt have that.... anywho, doing so has literally negated all lag, for me that is. ive yet to find anything that causes lag in this version, even after spawning several hundred guns, which would have previously lagged the whole game so bad it would crash. also, dash bar has been increased, so you can now run for a bit longer. anyway, here you go!
Anyway, controls are as always... (i really should add a controls screen in game lol)
A,D: Movement
W: Jump (W in air for double jump)
Guns: aim at mouse
Left Click: Fire Gun
Right Click: Melee Weapon
Hold Shift: Dash
SpaceBar: pick Up weapon/ Open Chest
New download Update!
Posted 25th Feb 14, by siven Post A Comment
Download Update!
yes, again. more good stuffs you love.
anyway, this time, all of the melee weapons that are in the game work, we have....
Dagger, Short Sword, Wide Sword,Long Sword, Broad Sword, Great Sword, Katana, Masamune, Rapier, Axe ,Battle Axe, Great Axe, Pike, Spear, Hammer, Inferno (fire sword), Pestilence(acid sword), Storm(shock sword), Avalanche(ice sword), Ragnarok(would be blast if blast worked.)
aaaand thats it for now. sadly none are actually named in game, so youll just have to guess.
in addition to that, the run feature has been doubled, so hopefully that helps you guys out.
you can actually die now, so if you gusy want, upload a picture of how many levels you got through and we'll do a contest for who holds the record.
also, the game was given an icon. its not permanent, but id just like to see what you guys think. also you can now hit TAB in game and switch to the fuzzy breeder if you'd like, but nothing has changed for a while.
And i think thats it, good luck and have fun guys! feedback much appreciated.
So its been a while...
Posted 11th Feb 14, by siven Post A Comment
So yeah, i got lazy and stuff and didnt work on the game for a long time. my apologies.
buuuut on the upside, the new and improved rebuild of the zombies mini game is coming along great! tons of game mechanics have been changed, weapons are much different along with everything else! ill post the new version as soon as i see it fit as playable.
Complete Overhaul!
Posted 25th Mar 13, by siven Post A Comment
So the games been completely overhauled. A brand new engine has been constructed, the movement is far more advanced than the previous versions. some new features...

Double jump
Wall slide
wall jump

Also the guns have been updated as well, along with the gun generator. theres no longer the random gun spawning glitches, like a weapon you cant pick up, or a grenade launcher with the firerate clip size and weapon damage of a machine gun etc. in addition the guns have been givin a bullets counter and a spread counter. certain prefix's and Titles will effect these values. the higher the spread value of your weapon the farther the bullets spread from the gun barrel, and of course the bullet counter effects how many bullets a weapon fires. example... you could have a weapon Titled Speedy SMG, a sub machinegun that fires one bullet incredibly fast dealing much less damage, but if the SMG had the prefix "Mad" it would be a sub machine gun that fires a mass of bullets with a medium amount of spread dealing an incredibly low amount of damage and a small clip size. there are other prefix's that only add 1 bullet and some that add more. some prefix's only add to the spread of the weapon, so if you had one of those prefixes on a weapon that only fires one bullet then there will be no change to the weapon, but if you had that prefix on a shot gun it would increase the spread area or decrease it depending on the spread. so in short, some prefixs are better for certain types of weapons, such as a "Mad" shotgun would not be as effective as a "Mad" Smg, Due to the decreased firerate, damage, and clipsize. you would have a shotgun that fires a massive wall of bullets that spread incredibly far very slowly dealing minimal amounts of damage, where as the smg would would fire a small fan of bullets much faster dealing a very small amount of damage but do to the high amount of bullets it evens out.

the element effects have also been changed drastically. electric weapons will now cause an enemy to become electricuted, which will slowly deal damage to the enemy along with creating archs of lightning that will deal damage to other enemies near by, and also has a small chance to electricute them as well. soo... if you have a really fast firing electric weapon you have a chance to electricute entire groups of enemies while firing at only one enemy.

Acid is quite a bit different as well, on contact with enemies bullets have a chance to explode into acid, which will stick to enemies walls and ceilings and slowly drip down them. if the object you are firing at gets too gunked up with acid the acid will spew off and stick to other nearby enemies and walls.

Ice is similar to the way it worked before, on contact the bullets have a chance to create ice around whatever it hit, and if you continue to fire at the same spot the ice will grow. all enemies within the ice field will be slowed and take constant damage.

Instead of bouncing around and dealing high dps fire will now stick to the enemy your shooting at and catch them on fire. if a flaming enemy comes in contact with another enemy it has a chance to catch them on fire as well. so in a sense its similar to the lightning, but more isolated and much higher dps with a more limited time.

Explosives are going to be pretty simple, very high damage when the explosion occurs and there will also be enemy knock back/ knock over when they are hit with the explosion, in addion certain areas and walls etc will be able to be blown apart with explosives.

Soooo.... the basic engine is practically done, all thats really left is the card system, and the inventory system. I may release another zombie mini game before these are added in so you guys can play around with it and do some bug searching. though im confident there arent many, im certain there must be at least a few. the zombies are going to behave much differently though due to the more advanced movement engine, so your likely going to see them crawling up walls and jumping up platforms and such. i may not make it endless waves though, it might be something more like clear a section and move on, then be blocked off and clear a section to continue moving again. if i switch it over to that ill make it so the map is a large ring, that way the rounds are still endless but it will limit the amount of zombies that spawn and will limit you to certain spaces, cuz in the previous version there are a few places you can camp and your practically invincible if youve got a decent weapon... till you run out of ammo lol.

Oh! one last thing.. the graphics had a massive overhaul as well, the HUD is now all hand drawn thanks to my wonderful colors 3d for the 3ds. All elemental effects along with any special effects will be hand drawn, but any interactive object on the play field and all characters will still be sprites, so the graphics will clash a bit, but in a good way. it will add a good amount of depth to the game along with being able to notice what you can interact with and what you cannot. so most anything sprited and pixelated is touchable.

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