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Project: Tukky's Christmas 2: Monster Runner
Project Started: 10th January, 2011 Last Update: 10th January, 2011
Project Owner: X-Member1225 Project Members: Duncan
Project Type: WonderBoy Style Project Progress:
More Info: Faves: 3

Project Overview  
Preview Well.. you know, this is one of my best mmf projects. You're this monster that runs, you jump with the space key.

Things to do:

-make you fall on water
-add scenario features
-add moving obstacles, like squirrels
-add flying obstacles, like flying squirrels with wings (still under review)
-add day-night clycles (maybe)
-add two jump animations, low and high
-add vehicles, a red car
-maybe make it carry presents of its monster babies, at the end of each level you gotta arrive with at least 1 present for each kid


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1st playable
Posted 10th Jan 11, by X-Member1225 4 Comments

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