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Project: Vagabond P.I.
Project Started: 8th November, 2011 Last Update: 8th January, 2019
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From the ashes of the old world rose the Vagabonds.

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By: Otter
On: 27th Dec 11, 14:33:33
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Vagabond Revisited
Posted 8th Jan 19, by Otter 2 Comments
Long time no see TDC. I spent a large chunk of my youth on this site. I never thought 10 years after my initial registration in 2008 I would be writing a post here.
I am proud to announce that in recent months I have been revisiting Vagabond PI. Much of the concepts used originally will remain the same, but with a high emphasis on story telling and atmosphere. Hopefully more will be explain later, but for now I would like to show off some of the new graphics.
Pictured here is a comparison between the old main character sprite and the new one.

Here are some screenies for now.

For comparison, here is an old screenshot:

As always, any feedback is appreciated.
Posted 2nd Jan 19, by Otter 1 Comment
Motor Boating
Posted 5th Jul 12, by Otter 2 Comments
2 updates in 3 days, holy cow (BTW, is 'Holy Cow' a hindu reference, or a reference the 'Golden Calf' idol mentioned in the bible? Oh sorry, that's random...) It's like progress is actually getting done!

Anyhow, if you've been watching the updates, you're probably aware that your main transportation method in the game is a small 1-2 person boat that you'll be driving around the bayou.

A feature of the game I think I forgot to hit on a while back is probably being attacked by the swamp monster at night. Pretty much, at night after 8 o'clock, the infamous Swamp Monster will be roaming around Kudzu Swamp.
He will chase after you if he sees you, but he will not walk across dry ground, so he can only get you if you're in your boat. If the Swamp Monster successfully catches you, you will wake up in the town graveyard (for no apparent reason, just to creep the player out). Your energy will be drained to only about 25%.
So the swamp monster sees you driving around at night, you can either 1) Attempt to outrun him 2) Go to dry land or 3)Hit the swamp monster fast enough with your boat and temporarily stun him As seen below-
If you successfully stun the swamp monster, he will respawn somewhere else in the swamp, but he'll be out of your hair until he finds you again.

Today, I added a new feature to the game involving the boat. When I was adding a new resident to Kudzu Swamp, I couldn't help but imagine him as a mechanic. And the only major mechanical object in VPI:TSMC is the boat you drive around, so I came to the conclusin of making the boat upgradeable. Introducing Frank, the boat mechanic and harmonica player of the swamp.
You'll be able to edit 3 possible stats of your boat. Each stat can be upgradeable up to level 6.
I think this a great addition to the game because it gives the players another collectible, which gives them more incentive to do side stuff like selling crops or fish.

So anyway, until next time,
Evan has left the building.
How To Be A Stylish Hobo
Posted 3rd Jul 12, by Otter 1 Comment
I realize I haven't hit very much on the detective elements of the game yet, but much of it is still in development, like the 'Journal' which works like a mission selection almost. Beta Screens of it look like this so far-
Also, much of what I'm making now is necessary for the cases and story element of the game, making it an equal priority to me.

I also got the clothing store for the game finished, it's simply titled "Bayou Fashion Tent." The store owner Melissa lives in the store and operates it from 8AM-10PM. The clothing is nothing radical, just a palette change of sorts. Your character will still retain signature Vagabond PI look, but you can wear something much more fashionable than beige There are currently only 3 possible suits, but more are in development. Check out some screens-

Also, I've been doing quite a bit of work with semi transparents and lighting effects, as seen in this train car that you start out living in-

Now, I've added a feature where every building has light switches that are interactive. Some will have lamps or lanterns instead, but the concept remains consistent. You'll be able to go into the restauraunt, flip the switch off, freak out the cook, and all sorts of things.

Hopefully in the future, it will serve some purposes toward the cases you'll have to solve, like flipping the switch on at the right moment to catch a crook, or leaving them off and waiting for a ghost to appear.

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