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Project: Wibble Wacky World
Project Started: 3rd September, 2002 Last Update: 3rd September, 2002
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
I've submitted this preview before, but Rikus deleted it before I went away, and told me to resubmit it when the game is nearly 50% done. So here it is.

WWW is a platformer in a classic NES / Master System style, with colourful graphics, large levels and cool bosses. It may not be the biggest klik game ever, but I'm aiming for it to be my best. The story is very weird, and some might think of it as sexist, but..well, there you go:

You are an un-named person, who will be an unwitting hero, saving an un-named world. You attended a party, for some unknown reason, and proceeded to get extremely drunk. You tried to look up womens skirts, but the bouncers at the party caught on and threw you out. But you sneaked back inside the building, and stole a jetpack hidden in a storage room for "a little playtime". Except when you turned it on, things went badly wrong.

The jetpack spluttered as you were halfway into space, and you began a plummet towards this un-named world. You land in a bucket of water, which cushions your impact, and discover you've run out of fuel. So you set off to find more. On the way, you come across this old guy standing in a field, and he is as drunk as you are. He tells you that he knew you were coming, and that the girl who you tried to perv on was also on this planet, and she wants revenge! By trying to kill you, naturally. There are unanswered questions, however.

How did the girl get here so quickly?
How the hell were you able to breath while flying in space?
Why do the fuel canisters float, but not you?
Why are the bad guys clones of you?
Why dont you have a name?
Why does nobody else have names?

That's up to you to find out...

Featuring an auto-save system and hidden mini-games, hopefully this will become good.

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