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Project: Ignis mortis
Project Started: 15th April, 2016 Last Update: 20th January, 2024
Project Owner: LordHannu Project Members:
Project Type: Exploration adventure. Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Undead fantasy medieval "Metriod-vania" like game.

*Exploration With one complete level.
*3 diffrent characters to play with.
*3 shoes, can walk on lava, acid and water.
*Zombies, witches, ghouls, blood bellies and a boss.
*Done a map editor for making the levels for the levels.
*Music by Toastard.


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Revisit 2024 OUYA fixes
Posted 20th Jan 24, by LordHannu Post A Comment
I revisited Ignis mortis for OUYA fixed all old bugs and all broken features. Backgrounds had to go becouse made it go slow and the trees. but the game mecanics runs as i wished it did before i released it. You learn as long as you live.

What Ive learnt is that the game before release needs to be running as it should before relase becouse the first impression is important and who wants to play a game when people says its buggy.

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