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Project: The Clickers
Project Started: 31st July, 2016 Last Update: 15th August, 2016
Project Owner: Amadeo Project Members:
Project Type: Plataformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview This game is about two best friends being suck into their NES. I will post weekly updates about this proyect.

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Devlog (08\14\16)
Posted 15th Aug 16, by Amadeo Post A Comment
Well. It's been the less productive week of my life. I did nothing but procrastinate.
None of the goals have been aproached.
I'll be working full time on the proyect this week
I'll post my achievements nin next weeks devlog
I'm sorry
Devlog (08/06/|6)
Posted 6th Aug 16, by Amadeo Post A Comment
Hello everyone. This is the new weekly devlo. I'll talk about the progress i mado on this game the previous week

-Sketched some ideas for the game

-Finished the first cutscene

-Finsished the menu

-Started coding the game

This are the things i'm planning to do this week

-Finish sketching the levels

-Draw the sprites for the enemies

-Finish the second cutscene

The milestone for this week is finishing the first level.
See ya later!

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