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Project: Snake 3D
Project Started: 17th August, 2017 Last Update: 24th August, 2017
Project Owner: Jenswa Project Members:
Project Type: html5 canvas game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Snake in 3D, although the gameplay is still 2D.
It uses a simple software rasterizer in a html5 canvas.

You can use the arrow keys to rotate or zoom the current view.

With the EDSF keys you can control the snake.

note: as this is a html5 canvas game, the link points
to the most recent version of this game.

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food food fix
Posted 24th Aug 17, by Jenswa Post A Comment
Fixed yesterday's food bug.
food food food
Posted 23rd Aug 17, by Jenswa Post A Comment
In this update, the food won't spawn inside the snake.
However during testing I noticed that it will sometimes spawn outside the playing field. I will fix that bug in the next update.
I also added the P key for pausing the game.

See the main link for playing the updated game.
wrap around
Posted 20th Aug 17, by Jenswa Post A Comment
As in any snake edition I made, these snake can wrap around the playfield. In order to be able to do that, I had to take down the tiny castle.
growing by eating
Posted 18th Aug 17, by Jenswa Post A Comment
The snake now grows when he eats a food cube.
He cannot die yet when he crashes into the wall, nor is there is score counter at the moment.
Nor does he die when he crashes into his tail.

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