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Project: Simple multiplayer VR game
Project Started: 30th March, 2019 Last Update: 30th March, 2019
Project Owner: Lenox_Studios Project Members:
Project Type: VR Project Progress:

Project Overview  
A multiplayer VR game made for interaction. The player can go to different locations (scenes) with their friends/family. these scenes can be something from a swing in a large empty farm to a warm crackling fireplace in a cold winter night.

How will we accomplish this game in a 2D engine?
We will be using mods which enable 2.5D or 3D.

How will we play with others?
We will use multiplayer objects already in the engine. A simple invite code can be sent to the recipient. all they need to do is enter the code and press the play button.

Would we want to make this? and who would want to play this?
We want to help people get close to each another. Such as old friends connect with each another to distant family members to connect and talk about the grand kids.

How will we get access to this game? Will we need expensive gaming computers?

We are gonna release this game to smart phones. simply buy a cheap VR headset. slide your smartphone into the headset and be blown away.

Will this project even get made/ released.
We are currently in development with this game. This game is expected to be released October/November 2019

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