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Project: Gameboy Color+ RPG Engine
Project Started: 24th June, 2019 Last Update: 25th June, 2019
Project Owner: JeodCripto Project Members: Sgamer8t88 shadowlink
Project Type: Engine Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview From 2010-2014, the "Zelda GBC+ Engine" was built and collaborated on by the members of Doubleteam (Jeod, Link125, Sgamer8t88, and Balloondude2) and several external contributors. The old project link is here:

While the engine is open source as always, please keep in mind that I do not support fan games. It probably sounds hypocritical, given that I'm basing this project on the Legend of Zelda mechanics and looks. However, Nintendo has paid more attention to fan games in the past few years. Simply put, my aim is to assist potential Indie Game developers by providing concepts reminiscent of the popular and nostalgic titles that likely gave them their dreams and aspirations.

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Text Engine Implementation
Posted 25th Jun 19, by JeodCripto Post A Comment


I added the text engine to the GBC+ Engine. Had to make some adjustments to make it work with the rest of the engine (disabling HUD, items etc), but it works! It has language support as well, which makes localization a piece of cake. The application menu has a new dropdown list for languages that currently include English and German as an example. Selecting a language changes the "Lang=" string in engine.ini, which tells the engine which ini file to search whenever text becomes active.

Here's what the text_eng.ini file looks like:

; Text Data - English

Text1=Press ]Enter| to open the inventory and equip items! Use the ]Arrow Keys| to select an item and then press ]Z| or ]X| to equip it!;
Text2=Only the ]Master Sword| has the power to repel [evil|! It is a gift from the goddess {Hylia|. Legends say that a spirit resides inside. Perhaps if {Princess Zelda| can unlock her ]sacred power|, the spirit {Fi| will assist in the battle against [Ganon|.;

The screenshots show the end result. The beauty of this text method is that one can type an extremely long paragraph into a single INI value, and the engine will still parse it to only show 3 lines at a time!

The only problem with localization is the use of special characters which don't currently exist as frames in the text object's animations. Adding Extended ASCII characters to fix this will be a later project.
2019 Update
Posted 24th Jun 19, by JeodCripto Post A Comment
With the project description said, I no longer have contact with the other members of Doubleteam. I myself am raising a family and busy with adult life. Still, I have a passion for this stuff and I found myself coming back to my files to look into my old code. Let me tell you, it's crazy--even with most of it commented properly, it's still tough to make sense of what goes where, what does what, and why.

I finished the Text Engine today. It wasn't easy (around 3 hours of trial and error), but I know Link125 would be happy--we lost contact when he got stuck on it.

Also, here's a link to the GBC+ Engine v1.2.0:

Looking at my files, we did have a small To-Do list for v1.2.1.

Patch Notes v1.2.1:
-New area
-Removed rain effect for better vision
-Added a new item--Roc's Feather
-Added a new mechanic: Cliff Jumping
-Added a new mechanic: Text Boxes

-Fix remaining bugs
-Finish Roc's Feather

-Add NPCs (People)

Items Needed:

Seed Satchel
Roc's Cape
Magnetic Gloves
Rod of Seasons
Gasha Seed
Gasha Nut
Ring Box (Ring)
Switch Hook
Cane of Somaria
Harp of Ages
Seed Shooter

As far as I can tell, the Roc's Feather is in but some other engine stuff is also broken. I still have some documentation for the bugs and might try fixing some later.

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