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Project: K&P/TGF/CNC/MMF bundled game revival
Project Started: 5th December, 2021 Last Update: 9th December, 2021
Project Owner: Joshtek Project Members:
Project Type: Game archival and conversion Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview This is a project to make the demo games which came bundled for free with Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create, and Multimedia Fusion such as Zeb, Romeo and Gracillis V publicly available and accessible in the interests of preservation and showcasing Clickteam's tools.

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Release candidate ready for K&P game demos
Posted 9th Dec 21, by Joshtek Post A Comment
I have now got a test version of all the Klik & Play demo games which people can check out at and let me know if it works for them.

As usual, the guide for running Klik & Play games on Windows 10 is at

I've included TGF builds of the games which should be identical to the K&P versions but able to be run on 64-bit systems.

I've also created a Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ (CF25) versions which take advantage of more modern features, such as being able to resize the screen while maintaining aspect ratio but without changing the screen resolution as well as multi-samples.

The instructions were originally in .wri format, but I've also created .pdf versions.

One quirk I came across is that due to the Klik & Play palette the colours were off if I built the game using CF2.5 in 256-colour mode, so I ended up first converting the games to 16 million colour mode.

Bugs to fix for CF2.5 versions:
* Romeo: Opening text is a bit broken
* Go for Goal: Game never starts when space bar is pressed
* Zero-G Pinball: Only the first ball works
* Pinta: Positioning of objects seems wrong
* Reversi: Cursor below some UI elements

Bugs to fix for KNP versions:
* Ski Monday (KNP) is actually TGF
A good start
Posted 5th Dec 21, by Joshtek Post A Comment
So far things are off to a good start:
* Jeff of Clickteam said it was okay to make the demo games available for people to (re-)play.
* I have all of the demo games for the various versions Click tools.
* I've made K&P and TGF executables of all the bundled K&P demo games (Brain Wave, Condition Red, Crazy Pool, Go for Goal, Gracillis V, Hungry Hedgehogs, K&P Card Game, Maniac Racers, Music Madness, Operation Overkill, Pinta, Quads, Racing Line, Reversi, Romeo, Ski Monday, Slot Machine, The Face Game, Toyland, Zero-G Pinball).
* I've made Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ versions of most of the K&P demo games, including changing the options to modernise things a bit (supporting proper screen resizing while preserving aspect ratio, enabling multi-samples, etc). Only 9 to go.
* I have screenshots for all of the K&P and TGF demo games and existing entries for them on Kliktopia that can be updated once the game is available.
* As a bonus, I've identified the original Shareware release of Urban Attack Force, originally made in Klik & Play as an exclusive for PC Direct magazine but later turned into a Click & Create then Multimedia Fusion game demo.

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