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Project: Autumn Knight
Project Started: 4th September, 2022 Last Update: 30th September, 2022
Project Owner: theottomanfbiagency Project Members:
Project Type: cool as beans Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This game is a typical platformer inspired by SM64, where you collect keys to get the Sword of The Draconian Hide (you can tell its an important sword because it has fancy made-up words ) in the giant volcano that contains a big bad guy.

* im planning to add over 9 worlds full of difficult challenges and enemies in an expansive worldmap
* if you like deadpan satirical comedy, this game is for you
* challenging levels
* funfunfunfunfuuuuuuuun

I'm not sure if i'll finish this game, but i'll post updates every time major updates are made.

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Platform engine, dialogue, and some other stuff
Posted 30th Sep 22, by theottomanfbiagency Post A Comment
so the custom platform engine is shaping up to be the first and only custom movement engine ive ever made that doesnt have any major bugs, like jittery collisions, weird wall sticks, and other stuff.

im really excited about this game, and how its developing, it probably wont be that groundbreaking, but its something i can be proud of, as its a another finished project under my belt, and thats always better than perfect, right?

however the dialogue engine is hot garbage, and i need to revamp it if i want there to be less than 100 lines of code just dedicated to it, i had this cool typewriter effect and wanna do that again. so expect to see better things in this game engine!

i'll probably tweak the engine more so its robust and practically unbreakable, since i dont know how to make levels with arrays, im still making them in seperate frames, or maybe one frame, i dont know yet. ill probably have to check the performance and practicality of them.

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