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Project: Newgrounds API for Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Project Started: 25th October, 2022 Last Update: 28th April, 2023
Project Owner: GraySlicer09 Project Members:
Project Type: Example Project Progress:

Project Overview  
There is currently no extension for Clickteam Fusion that allows communication with the API, so this example works by using an external JavaScript library created by KilledByAPixel.

The demo can be found here:

You can download the example file, code, and documentation here:

Current version: Beta 3

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Beta 2 Released!
Posted 28th Apr 23, by GraySlicer09 Post A Comment
Beta 2 is out, and with many improvements! Like I stated in my previous devlog, this new beta is a complete re-work of the API implementation. It now uses an external JavaScript file for communication with the API, and commands are sent to it via the HTML5 Object in Fusion 2.5. Due to this change, it now also supports AES-128/Base64 encryption, which is Newgrounds' default.

You can try out the demo here:

An example can be downloaded here (Documentation is included):
Progress Update #1
Posted 2nd Jan 23, by GraySlicer09 Post A Comment
The widget is getting a re-write which will make things a lot simpler. I'm hoping to make a basic version with the ability to unlock medals available soon. I am also working on adding AES-128 Base64 encryption support, but this is still in the very rough stages. It will use an external JavaScript file and the CryptoJS library to encrypt certain API calls that support such a measure. The encrypted result will then be returned to the main application which will send it via the Get Object to the API. Despite the re-write, this implementation of the API will still need the JSON Object by LB. The HTML5 version is only $1 on the Clickstore but I felt that I should still mention it. The only other option would be to build a JSON parser from scratch and that would only complicate things, so using LB's object just makes things simpler and decrease bloat inside the application's code. Anyways, I am confident about the direction of this project and hope to share it soon. Thanks for reading!

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