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Project: Crazy Towers 2
Project Started: 24th August, 2023 Last Update: 30th September, 2023
Project Owner: Jack or John Project Members:
Project Type: Run n' Gun, Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Go through multiple towers to stop a certain someone from taking over the world! New abilities, levels, gimmicks and characters await in Crazy Towers 2!

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New character???
Posted 30th Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
Randomly thought about having a character that can do a backflip a few days ago. I loved the idea too much to not at least code it in. Preview

Demo next month
Posted 27th Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment

Planning on releasing a demo for Halloween. In the meantime, look at this fungus.
Enemy Concept Art
Posted 17th Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
2 designs I made for an enemy that can only be defeated by a charge/special attack. Left is supposed to be a knight, while right is supposed to be more of a guard/police outfit, wearing a bullet-proof vest and such. I'm interested in knowing which one is better overall. I'm leaning toward the right design.

Playable Characters
Posted 12th Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
Welcome back to the Crazy Towers 2 Devblog! What do I have to showcase this time? Well, if you aren't illiterate, you can already tell. Multiple playable characters are coming to Crazy Towers 2!

As of right now, I only have 1 character fully done, and a second i'm still experimenting with what I want to do with them. Frank will make his return as a freeplay character after you beat the main campaign. He'll focused on his speed, coming with the downsides of no charge attack and having weak jumps. A 3rd character focusing on jumping will also be unlocked at the same time as Frank, stay tuned for them!

Fun fact: During me making the first Crazy Towers game, I mentioned in the thank you message that more characters would be coming, but an update character never came. I was considering have some sort of version of the Bills be playable, primary a Golden Bill or Helmet shooter Bill. Both didn't make it due to a lack of motivation on making another update. Now why where they going to be playable instead of another new character you may ask? Well, I already had most of the animations for them done, so I could just recycle them and call it a day. There is another character I have work done on, but I'll keep that a secret for now... but anyways, hope you all have a good whatever time of the day it is for you when reading.

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