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Project: DeadLocked
Project Started: 12th February, 2003 Last Update: 12th February, 2003
Project Owner: Assault Andy Project Members:
Project Type: Beat 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  

Deadlocked's initial idea came from playing the really old game gauntlet. This game brings Gauntlet back with better gameplay, puzzles, and graphics. It includes a custom grid movement, Here's a Feature List:

*MAP CREATOR (That i have built and workz. If people like my game i will probabley release this)

*Brings Back Gauntlet.... (sigh)
*Mind Boggling Puzzles
*Custom Grid Movement + A.I
*stat building
*Saving/Loading Maps And Stats
*Lots of secret areas and modes 2 unlock
*More Aliens then u can whack with a stuffed Chicken.
*Alien Types And Puzzles Range.
*Did i Mention MAP CREATOR???

-Assault Andy

Pix Can Be Found Here: - Should Work Tell me if it doesnt.

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