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Project: Mr Retro
Project Started: 22nd July, 2003 Last Update: 22nd July, 2003
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Retro Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Mr Retro (working title) is an upcoming retro platformer from Euphoric Rush, and it combines everything great about retro games into one package! Mr Retro is in its early stages, but it's a retro platformer with objectives. Your character, Mr Retro (duh!) must navigate his way through various screens, initially to collect the diamonds and avoid the baddies. Once he has every diamond, a gun is awarded to him, and the second phase of his mission kill all the bad guys. Once this is done, somewhere in the level a boss door is unlocked...defeat the boss, and then you'll have a limited time to escape the level before it blows up! Of course, you'll need to battle your way back past more bad guys, but you won't have to kill these.

I guess it takes parts from Jet Set Willy (collecting all the diamonds without being able to kill anything safely), Zone Runner (the collecting of all the diamonds to get the weapon), Douglas Circumstance (the level design) and probably more which I haven't thought of yet. This will hopefully be playable by the time the convention comes around, however, I've yet to clarify this with Sarah.

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