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Project: Mr Stumps Dentures
Project Started: 20th November, 2003 Last Update: 20th November, 2003
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Time to post another preview for Mr Stumps Dentures, as much has changed from the initial preview I posted back in February 2003. Which is now deleted, as it is so totally out of date, man.

This is a platform game, which is also has parodic references to certain games, such as Mario or Pacman. If you've never played a platformer before, shame on you! The objective of most platformers is to get from A to B without getting killed, and in Mr Stumps Dentures there is no exception. Planning of this game started in late December 2002, development began early January 2003, and nearly a year later, is Mr Stumps Dentures nearing it's estimated release date.

At about 80% complete, I feel perfectly confident that I shall finish this game. With eight levels consisting of two parts each, this may not be the biggest or most challenging game you'll ever play. And why should it be? I want the game to appeal to everyone, from toddlers to adults. The Zone Runner games were very hard, and it's highly unlikely that younger people would have enjoyed them.

You'll be exploring industrial stages, climbing up mountains, taking a minecart ride and rumbling in the treetops as you seek to recover your dentures. Ah yes, the story... well, lets take you over to Mr Stump himself.

"My name is Mr Stump, and recently I've been having troubles with my dentures. You see, one night I decided to drink some battery acid, because I thought it would be funny. This turned out to be a bad idea, because, the following night when I was asleep, my dentures were loosened by the acid, and I swallowed them!

This is now. I have recently learned that my dark side also managed to jump into my mouth. I call him Mr Dump, and he's after my dentures too. He is misguided, for he believes that they contain some magical properties which could enable him to rule the world. He's totally wrong, of course. They're just a set of false teeth!"

Quit rabbiting on, Mr Stump. Try and find your dentures. Maybe you lot can help him in a month or so.

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